We live in an age where technologies that make our lives easier are developing now and then. By far, the most exciting of them today is artificial intelligence and it’s poised to change everything.

We are at a grand stage in science and technology. The recent invention of Artificial Intelligence has proved to fulfill the once distant dreams of an electronically automated world. Although Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy, it’s still able to achieve things in its current state that were once thought to be impossible. It’s able to do that by replacing the need of humans in places, where their importance was imperative.

So, as you might expect from the topic title; call centers are one of them. Although, as mentioned about AI, the presence of AI in a call center is still in its infancy. However, they are already leaving their marks. As services such as RosponseAI is using AI algorithms and automatic responders (also known as chatbots) that can deal with clients in place of humans.

Artificial Intelligence is poised to make the call centers more efficient, customer-friendly, quick, and easy to work with. They will have new methods of providing care and ease to the customers. It will quickly grasp customer’s worries or queries and predict what they want.

The rapid increase in the development of such technologies is impacting the world. Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will interact 85% of their relationship with the organization without interacting with a human.

Call centers are the vital part of any organization whether it’s a trillion-dollar company or a little start-up. Such provides a critical connection between the customer and business organizations. AI is positively affecting call center in a significant way, but it doesn’t mean that the centers can plausibly stop employing humans.

Thinking that the AI will completely take over the responsibilities of human service is still sci-fi. It will be a combination of human agents and AI.

Below are some arguments that show that an AI call center agent will be unable to replace humans:

Expensive To Incorporate

It’s no wonder that technologies such as AI can prove to be more reliable and also provide more comfort to the clients. For example, a chatbot using such technologies wouldn’t ever get tired of answering the same question and again, nor will they need to take holidays.

Of course, if something is as revolutionary as this, then there’s always a catch. AI and other such technologies are expensive to incorporate; not every organization can viably make use of them. The services providing them are also often more costly than other alternatives

Customers exceedingly want faster solutions and for all of their problems. However, the question is that is if the rising expectations of customer worth spending hundreds of dollars?.

AI is a huge focus in our global world. However, one thing is crystal clear regarding AI and contact centers. Unless you are a big company with a sizeable amount of budget, then it is just not viable to incorporate them into your business.

Also, the small companies may not even need them right now as they aren’t dealing with millions of order each month. These technologies in its current state is merely a burden to bear as you need the money and human resources to implement it.

Only A Human Can Help Another Human At Times

When it comes customer service, there is no doubt that clients still prefer talking to a human being over an artificial helping assistant. Many times, you have complicated questions that can only be answered by human agents.

However, this does not mean that AI cannot be used to make the lives of human agents easier. There are many ways call center can use them to assist human agents. One of them is to establish a chatbot that can answer simple queries and technologies such as AI can be used to widen their responses. That makes the simple answers easily accessible to your customers and take a burden off your agents.

Given A Choice, Customers Prefer Messaging Over Voice

This world is moving at an insane speed, and everyone is busy in his or her hectic life patterns. It’s a proven fact that 70% of today’s clients prefer messaging to voice calls for customer support.

Messaging allows the client to connect in their free time. It keeps a record of the entire conversations. In this way an AI agent or chatbot can answer up to 80% of the simple questions, freeing up human agents and allowing them to answer the complex and complicated issues.

However, notice that doesn’t mean humans are getting replaced. They are merely working to solve to more complex questions than before. Such can also let your agents shine as they don’t have to be a robot and answer the same question again and again.

Famous Brands are already employing this method, as they have a large number of clients calling them each day. Therefore, this provides agents the time to answer customer questions thoughtfully, improving customer care for everyone.

Now that we argued how the place of humans in call centers is imperative. Let us look at what technologies such as AI are helping us be more efficient

Helps to fulfil the simple needs of a customer quicker

With such technologies getting incorporated into applications like chatbots, it’s made possible to use less time on finding a simple query. Now, people don’t have to go through the hassle of calling the customer support and wait in a queue to get some minimum information. Chatbots and other such technologies are always ready to answer any question that the user might have or is concerned. They provide with accurate answers, and that saves the clients from the unnecessary hassle.

Saves Time

Everyone is in a hurry to get things done. With all people in a competition to do better than the other, AI proves to be fatal. AI is assisting human agents in doing the simple work which saves the time for human agents to attend to complex tasks. It not only keeps the time of human agents but as well as the customers.

However, if the matter at hand is more complex and urgent then AI will automatically put it on the top list and client will quickly get in touch with the troubled customer. That only benefits the employer as the agents can focus on answering the more intricate questions. Moreover, there will still always be enough demand just fulfilling that.


After all these points it’s quite clear that that AI made a considerable impact, in a small time, in the field of the call center. AI has contributed to making the life of human agents much more straightforward.

When AI call center agents and Human agents join forces, then the best result can be conducted. It is thought of that in the upcoming years most of the call centers will be mostly be dealing with AI. We are positive about the future of AI in the call center, but we believe it’s not possible without human agents.

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