If you experience a bad customer service, it tends to stay with you for long and leaves a negative impression of the brand which affects your future choices like whether to engage with that brand in future. No one is immune to bad customer experience and there is no doubt the effects are usually both short-term and long-term.

I, for instance, had a bad experience while shopping online for presents last Christmas. So as to guarantee that all the gifts are delivered on time, I made all my orders way in advance, but still faced late delivery problems. Well, it’s the peak season and a slight delay wasn’t out of the ordinary. However, things got unexpectantly worst when I contacted the customer service of the e-commerce giant whom I trusted with all my Christmas presents. I couldn’t get past the initial customer service IVR since it was unable to direct me anywhere to resolve my issues! Brands have to know that an IVR system is meant to assist shoppers and not give their service experience a bad image.

Most of the time, an AI IVR is the initial touchpoint in a brand’s customer service cycle, and if it is not handled in the right way then it will basically drive away shoppers since today’s customers want immediate satisfaction and will not take errors or delays for granted. So, now the responsibility lies on the companies to take the lead and ensure they give their customers a better experience.

If you are in a business-to-customer (B2C) field, then this article might assist you comprehend the basic anatomy of an IVR system and how you can improve your IVR solution to give improved customer experience instead of pushing them away from your business.

What is an IVR and Types of IVR

As per the simple description, interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that enables a computer to engage with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input using a keypad. An IVR system interacts with callers, collects info and direct calls to the right agent.

A modest IVR system for call center flawlessly directs your clients to the best-fitted agent or department using customizable call flow mechanisms. There can be varied forms of IVRs used in a contact center:

IVR for Self-Service

Artificial Intelligence IVR System, known auto attendant or automated voice as well, enables companies to handle high call volumes at a lower cost. It can detect & categorize callers, and solving their issues without transferring to a human representative. Calls are directed to human agents only when the customer is unable to get the info they seek, enabling call center representatives be more effective and productive by giving them more time to deal with complex engagements.

Hosted IVR

An IVR solution installed on a hosted software platform that enables companies to access the IVR application online. This allows the business to deliver round-the-clock customer service, even after office hours. Having a hosted IVR System is the most suitable way for businesses to gain loyalty and boost gratification.

Agent-Assisted IVR

An agent-assisted IVR solution allows the call center to reduce the cost of operations and along with offering a steady customer service. The agent can dynamically direct pre-recorded phrases to start a conversation with the consumer, without the caller knowing an agent is involved. This assists in eliminating customer frustrations triggered by complex-structured menu options.

Why IVR System Is Important for Companies

Interactive Voice Response software have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present info and options to customers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to collect responses. Modern AI IVR solutions also allow input and responses to be collected via spoken words with voice recognition. Businesses are ever more searching for an IVR service provider which assists them in handling their Inbound and Outbound contact centers to lower the cost of common sales, collections, service, inquiry and support calls to and from their business.

Here are some of the business benefits of an IVR system:

First Call Resolution

Organizations have to implement intelligent call routing to the right representative to ensure the consumer’s query is resolved as quickly as possible. Do not force your customers wait on the IVR, rather create your IVR flow in a smart way to lessen customer wait time by accelerating the query resolution.

24*7 Customer Service

The main purpose of an IVR is to make sure that consumers are attended even if the live agents are not accessible due to time constraints. Intelligent IVR systems enables you play a pre-recorded message on off-days to allow self-service for the callers.

Handle High Call Volume

An intelligent IVR system helps creating effective IVR workflows to streamline the calls to aid flawless customer support and decrease customer waiting time to huge extent keeping in mind the contact center resource availability.

Handle Multilevel IVR

A smart IVR system is one that lets multi-level flow in the IVR. Using numerous pre-recorded messages organizations can make sure the caller is directed to the best-fitted agent for particular product or process related queries without any need for human influence.

Automation of Operations

An IVR is crucial to automate the routine customer queries resolution to free-up the agents to focus on solving the more important matters. This boost agent productivity and enhances customer support and fulfilment.

How much does IVR cost?

Between networks, servers and databases, an old-style, in-house IVR system can cost thousands of dollars in hardware, software and maintenance. This is why a lot of organizations choose a hosted system.

A hosted service typically charges a once-a-month fee for access to their IVR calling feature. Apart from the clear reduction in cost, most companies select a hosted service since the IVR provider manages everything from personalizing the system to regular hardware maintenance. Hosted services are provided by numerous VoIP providers. Cost varies based on which provider you select.

Irrespective of the line of business you’re in, IVR is a helpful cost-saving and customer service tool. This feature will assist boost support gratification and enable your staff to focus on more pressing issues. The hosted system option available from most providers enables all kinds of companies to successfully profit from this feature.

If your consumers are abandoning the calls due complex or inefficient IVR, find out how Response can help to create a smart IVR flow without any hassle.

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