Although telemarketing started with the advancement in technology, the premise of telemarketing seems almost primitive compared to recent forms of marketing. It remains as one of the most effective.

In the past, the most straightforward way to promote a product was to drop at the doorsteps of potential customers. However, that does not case anymore with the advent of technology. Various new methods of marketing have formed credit to the technological advancements.

Telemarketing is one of them as they used the invention of the telephone and mobiles to connect with potentially interested people; with the goal to educate them on the benefits of a particular product and market it to them.

Despite telemarketing being a relatively recent form of marketing; it is still older than most recent forms of marketing. It is old enough to be one of the more primitive types of marketing. Because of that, it isn’t the most, and the general needs of telemarketing are costly, to begin with.

However, addressing that to some extent is quite easy these days by using recent technologies such as applications that digitize the process. They help to automate much of the process and ease the burden on your workload.

Moreover, the enabler many of these applications is the internet. The internet has become as one of the most convenient tools for telemarketing companies today. Firstly, it helps the applications to connect your workforce to the clients no matter where they may be in the world. Also, they automate much of the process that needed to be done using analogue methods.

Evolution isn’t, however, stopping there, as nowadays telemarketing can be done entirely by using Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the advancements have given birth to a recent method of connecting to potential clients through the use of smartphone apps. Agents are attracting customers through the phone or face to face chat. Video chat is becoming more and more popular every year.

With so much advancement in technology, all the big agencies or organisations have started using such techniques for telemarketing to reach out to potential customers.

However, it’s a headache to look for good telemarketing software, especially if you are new in this field. As the demands have given birth to competition and there are so many options. It is like you will feel confused by the different descriptions and terms. Below we will provide you with a few best telemarketing software and tell why they are the best.

Firstly, we will talk about the two-telemarketing software which are more popular and what most use as a beginner. They are called ViciDial and GoAutoDial.


ViciDial is a telemarketing software which deals explicitly call centre suite specialising in predictive auto dialling along with many others.

It can be used not only for outbound call centre operations but also for inbound ones. This software has been developing rapidly for the past few years and also added a lot of convenient features. However, the most significant advantage is that it is open source and free to distribute.

It is currently the most popular most popular Open-Source Contact Centre Solution in the world. With a record of over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries around the world.


Much like ViciDial, GoAutoDial is a call centre suite specialising in predictive auto dialling along with many others such as inbound call routing, chat, full reporting, featuring management, and email communication modules.

It is quite similar to ViciDial software; the only difference being the latter more fleshed out and gives more options. Like the former, GoAutoDial is also open source and can deal with both inbound and outbound call centre operations.

Features of the two

1-Inbound, Outbound call handling.

2-Inbound Email handling

3-Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialling

4-Web-based agent

5-Feature to have agents operate remotely

6-Integrated call recording and administrative interfaces

7-Three-Way calling within the agent application

8-Scalable to hundreds of seats

9-Open-Source licensed, with no software licensing cost


GOautodial and ViciDial are both based on Linux which installs the GOautodial applications automatically and other open source software to have a full-featured call centre system.

They are under the AGPLv2 license which means they are free for everyone to use and redistribute.


The main difference between the Vicidial system and the GOautodial system is that Goautodial is much more user-friendly. It’s simple and easy to install, and the user experience is a lot better.

Another difference is Vicidial has fewer footprints on resources, and you have limited access to utilise every feature. However, in the case of GoAutoDial, it is found to be resource intensive but offers more features and support. You can use the added and latest features to enhance user experience.

Next, we will look at Avatar Dialer and RosponseAI which are similar to each other in the services they provide. Both take their spin on them.

Avatar Dialer

Avatar Dialler is a call centre solution providing auto dialling capability with high quality pre-recorded messages in American and British accents. This software is great for call centres handling a lot of incoming international calls. It is also great for marketing companies or customer service centres that make thousands if not more of outbound calls.

Avatar Dialer takes charge many of your calls and responds with pre-recorded voices while you and your agents can perform other clients that genuinely need your help. It helps you to be more efficient with your workforce.


RosponseAi is an AI call centre software. It is the next generation of call centre software using machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. RosponseAI is using AI algorithms and automatic responders that can deal with clients in place of humans. This system is also capable of performing many other functions that are essential for the successful working of a call centre in a timely and cost-effective manner

Features of the two

1-Both are meant to take the burden off your agents

2-They allow you to redirect the simple queries of your clients to automated responses

3-They allow you to operate on a low workforce

4-They allow you to be more efficient

5-They generally cost less hiring more employees


As mentioned, they take the burden of your agents by using automated responses and generally tend to cost less than hiring more employees for these tasks.


Although, avatar dialer automates a lot of simple responses by using pre-recorded messages; but still lets you use of your agents to take calls that genuinely need their help otherwise.

On the other hand, RosponseAI makes use of AI algorithms and automatic responders that can deal with clients in place of humans. This system is also capable of performing many other functions that are essential for the successful working of a call centre in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The influence of telemarketing software is spreading like wildfire. In the upcoming recent years, all these matters will be under the command of Artificial Intelligence. The Internet has provided a grand platform that acts as a bridge in making the world more technology eccentric. If you are a just starting, then you can prefer to use GoAutoDial. It is an updated version of ViciDial and offers more features for a new user.

For experts, ViciDial is the best option as it is to be handled with more care and in a professional manner. RosponseAI is still considered the best software as it provides you with great ease. When it comes to choosing the best software for call centre, RosponseAI is ahead in all aspects. It also makes sure to give accurate sales predictability which is essential for all call centres. It is a simple and hassle-free method of communicating with your clients.

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