Virtual Customer Service Agents assist customers with orders, answering questions, billing services, tracking shipments, or answering questions about a product or service their employer offers.

Enhance your customer engagement platform with integrated communications systems. Creating amazing marketing results you never thought of, or maybe you did but wondered how? With integrated CRM and support services we developed many years ago. This is an efficient calling like never before. Use our Conversational analytics to see stats in real-time. Now a customer engagement platform, the way you knew it could be.

Your task or responsibilities may vary, depending on the specific products or services offered by your employer and to the industry.

We believe that this should be known by the team, CSAT. CSAT is short for Customer Satisfaction Score. The commonly used metric acts as a key performance indicator for customer service and product quality in all kinds of businesses. CSAT is a more defined metric that’s expressed as a percentage. A CSAT score of 80% is a good indicator of success. What is yours?