Deep Learning

The Use of Deep Learning To Improve Marketing Results

According to published statistics, at least 84% of marketing organizations are using deep learning technology to further their marketing campaigns. Additionally, 73% of enterprises that have already implemented Ai technology are seeing an increase in customer satisfaction of 10% or higher. There is no doubt that there are exceptional benefits to using the deep learning capabilities of Ai software to improve a company’s marketing results. Exploring these advantages can assist an organization in deciding to add AI technology to its systems and processes.

With Rosponse Ai we have developed cutting-edge software that offers intuitive Ai technology to businesses across all industries. Companies can use deep learning which is inherent in our Ai technology to learn the patterns of behavior customers are likely to take. The technology then develops an intuitive response which will result in greater sales and more lead generation. As the technology uses deep learning to develop intuitive response processes, the company’s profits can increase exponentially.

According to research completed by Capgemini consulting, 3 in 4 businesses utilizing AI and deep learning have been able to increase the sales of new products and services by 10% and more. The results indisputably indicate that deep learning processes when effectively combined with marketing strategies prove effective at increasing conversions across the board. What this means for B2B and B2C organizations alike is that they are now increasingly capable of improving their marketing metrics without the need for extensive and costly time and money spent on research and data compilation.

How Deep Learning is Revolutionizing Marketing

The technology offered by Rosponse Ai is futuristic and cutting edge by modern standards, catapulting businesses into the next stratosphere of marketing efficiency that has been heretofore unseen. When it comes to delivering on its promises and making claims that are fully substantiated, Rosponse Ai’s technology can perform. It is unmatched in its capability to improve marketing metrics, compile data, and respond accordingly to improve the chances of making a sale on every interaction.

With the increase in capabilities of analytics combined with deep learning and machine learning, marketing is becoming more accurate than ever before. This is revolutionizing marketing in a way that hasn’t been seen prior. This includes all types of sales and leads driven metrics for both Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads. Now companies are able to determine which pricing is more profitable, which sales pitches are more effective, which upsells convert higher, and other marketing variables which can make a major difference in the outcome of every marketing campaign.

Call Centers Using Ai For Increased Profits

Call centers are among one of the primary markets to see improvement in their results after implementing Rosponse Ai technology into their systems and processes. With an increase in the implementation of artificial intelligence dialers, call centers not only place a record amount of calls per minute but they also gain unique insight into customer behavior via deep learning technologies. This ensures that the right suggestions are made to guarantee a sale at the end of the call. Deep learning allows for the capability to improve the results of not only a singular marketing campaign but also improving the customer’s lifetime value (CLV).

Marketing departments rely on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in order to determine how close they are to reaching their customer acquisition goals. With deep learning found in Rosponse Ai technology, the marketing department of an organization is able to provide more data to fuel better marketing decisions and develop more effective strategies leading to increased revenue growth and stronger customer relationships over time.

Using Rosponse AI technology to Drive Lead Generation

Rosponse Ai has introduced cutting edge converational voice or artificial intelligence technology that can take your business further and yield a better understanding of customer behavior. These insights and analytic data are useful in streamlining and adjusting marketing processes in order to obtain the desired outcome.

According to Gordon Schembri, Principal Digital Technology at GE Oil & Gas “Organizations are now convinced of the benefits that Ai can bring. They are now asking themselves where and how they should invest.” With the increase in deep learning and Ai technology combined with practical implementation, organizations can achieve exponential growth that can take their company further than the limits of human cognition and analysis.

When considering how to implement deep learning and Ai technology into one’s marketing schema, it is essential to compare the relevance of the technology in relation to one’s overall goals and objectives.

Some of the ways deep learning assists in marketing include:
  • Determining price elasticity and what price ceilings the market can bear
  • Guiding cross-sell and upsell models for product segments
  • Qualifying prospect lists
  • Identifying target customer demographics
  • & More
Automated Digital marketing

In the virtual marketing arena, Rosponse Ai technology is being used successfully to drive sales and improve marketing efforts. According to the study produced by Capgemini Consulting, Harley Davidson used an Ai tool to drive sales in three months and experienced 3000% growth in sales over this period. These results indicate that Ai technology is taking businesses in the direction of increased profits and improved sales in a short amount of time. Large e-commerce outlets such as Amazon are already using deep learning through Ai technology to predict customer behavior. By presenting a variety of different products to customers and varying this product presentation based on prior purchases, the company can increase its sales volume using artificial technology alone.

At Response Ai, we’re leading the way to the next revolution in marketing by offering feature-rich, fully tested, and researched artificial intelligence technology that combines deep learning and machine learning capabilities. Our goal is to take organizations beyond the bounds of traditional marketing methods to produce the type of results that were previously out of reach.

Whether you are Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer you’ll benefit from implementing some form of Ai technology and Rosponse Ai is here to make this possibility a reality.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Machine learning is a facet of computer science which relies on the use of programmed processes which provide computer systems with the capability to create triggered responses based on given data. The ability of the machine to adapt responses based on specific interactions has resulted in the term ‘machine learning’ which was created by Arthur Samuel in 1959. However, how does all of this relate to you and your business? By implementing machine learning via artificial intelligence technology, you are able to experience exponential business, growth, significantly automate tasks, and create a well oiled, efficient process that results in increased profitability in your business.

Driving Better Outcomes for Business

One of the significant predictors of substantial knowledge as it relates to artificial learning involves the explicit application of derived data and using this data to implement factual outcomes that result in driving business processes to produce the desired outcomes. When you take a machine and compare it with a human led interactive database, you will get entirely different outcomes from a certain customer subset. It is essential to consider all outcomes when implementing this technology including the reaction of a customer to a machine produced voice and their need to connect with another human. In addition, the machine’s learning ability to obtain the desired outcome can yield dividends when compared with what a live agent is able to produce. In the case of an automatic dialer, one can expect to place over 100,000 calls a minute while a human dialer can produce a much more limited spectrum of calls.

Core Functions Performed By Machine Learning

To better understand machine learning, it is essential to investigate the core functions performed by this technology. One of the core functions of machine learning technology is its ability to provide pattern recognition on a large scale basis. The ability to recognize codes, patterns, identify images, compare and identify caller and user behaviors, and upsell products based on exhibited data is phenomenal. Implementing this type of technology in a B2B or B2C environment can yield a wide range of different benefits. One of the core functionalities and benefits of machine learning lies in its ability to identify patterns and produce desired results that humans can’t detect on a large scale.

In addition to being able to recognize patterns on a large scale basis, machine learning also includes the ability to process automation on a large scale as well. From answering customer inquiries, dialing calls, and lining up leads, artificial intelligence technology has the ability to take your business further. With increased streamlining and learned behaviors, it optimizes the successful results your company is able to realize in a short amount time.

Capitalize on Human Behavior Patterns

With machine learning, companies are able to capitalize on repeated human behavior patterns, and they can do this on a large level of operation. Rosponse Ai’s analytics provides the broad spectrum data that companies across all industries can benefit from to take their productivity levels to the next stage. The ultimate goal is to drive content creation, improve the customer experience, and generate leads faster than is humanly possible. By speeding up these processes using machine learning, the organization can make better marketing decisions, develop effective strategies, optimize their lead generation methods, and track and analyze customer behavior on a detailed and personalized level never before realized.

Cost Effective

For far less cost than hiring a business analyst, scourging through countless data, and then hiring a marketing team, a company can now get the same results in just a fraction of the time. Conversational Ai and machine learning software places the control back in the company’s hands and makes it so that industries can access behavioral information and data in real time and for far less cost than with human involvement.

Discover Hidden Patterns

Machine Learning technology is more about getting an insider view of behavior metrics and using that data to drive sales versus replacing human interaction. The majority of businesses are aware that for major sales and deals, the human element is still of vital importance. However, when it comes to replacing small, repetitive tasks and discovering hidden patterns, machine learning is simply above the capability of what human cognition can accomplish in the same amount of time.

As businesses strive to improve their processes and to obtain better outcomes, it is useful to add in some form of artificial intelligence software into their modus operandi. Ultimately ultilizing machine learning can prove helpful in a vast array of different areas of your business without the added cost of hiring a team of analysts and strategists to produce the same information.

With the addition of machine learning technology, it is possible to begin providing improved customer service as customers are directed towards their desired outcomes more quickly and with greater efficiency. This improves their perception of the business and enhances their entire experience resulting in the possibility of more sales. Machine learning software operates using a ‘teaching set’. It gets smarter as it completes different tasks over time and begins to learn which responses produce the desired result. Although machines can never replicate the human interaction component, they can provide greater speed and faster efficiency as it relates to everyday tasks that need to be completed by a company.

Whether it is a B2B or B2C, an organization can benefit from adding machine learning technology into their processes without excessive costs or other losses such as time and productivity. Machine learning involves developing training models based on patterns in a given dataset. In the event that a company is new to compiling their datasets, it may prove beneficial to begin with simpler models and move up to machine learning technology over time.

Understanding the benefits and limitations of machine learning as it relates to one’s industry and specifically to one’s business will prove indispensable in ensuring the most positive and successful outcome. Taking these factors into account will allow you to put machine learning to use for you in the very best way possible.


Artificial Intelligence Call Center

Artificial Intelligence Call Center – Exploring the modern call center environment

“Many people confuse an artificial intelligence call center with the self-service IVR system which necessitates that a customer press a certain button to speak to a live agent. Often this system becomes irritating and negatively impacts the entire customer experience. By contrast, a true artificial intelligence call center is capable of combining multifaceted artificial intelligence technology components. This results in a smooth and seamless customer experience where their queries are effectively and efficiently answered and wait times are short or non-existent. This modernized call center can operate fully without the need for human involvement and is based completely on robust Voice Ai technology.

At Rosponse Ai, we have created a revolutionary type of artificial intelligence technology that goes far beyond the bounds of IVR software which operates using “rule-based decision metrics”. Our technology involves a combination of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques. With Rosponse Ai technology, a predefined input will result in a specific customized output based on what the system has assimilated through the application of its inherent probability calculations.

Improving The Customer Experience

Rosponse Ai technology takes the user beyond “Press 1” or “Press 2” and instead infuses the call with a natural and responsive flow based on a comprehensive understanding of the English language as well as an intuitive response capability based on pre-programmed datasets. When considering the customer’s experience, it is imperative to consider the fluidity of their call and the way in which their queries are handled. Rosponse Ai can provide a smoother and more efficient call process due to vast storehouses of knowledge which provide the answers customers needs at a much faster pace.

According to research conducted by Gutner, Through 2020, enterprises using cognitive ergonomics and system design in artificial intelligence projects will achieve long-term success four times more often than others.’ This is due to the high level of efficiency that Ai technology brings to the modern call center environment. One of the ways to measure efficiency in a call center is by considering the length of time it takes for a call to connect a customer to the right agent in order to resolve a specific concern. With a more modern approach through the use of an Ai virtual agent, calls are connected faster, responses are more direct, and answers to inquiries are provided at a much more accurate pace. With Ai technology, the call center environment can create a very customized customer experience with improved functionalities.

Achieving Self Learning Algorithms With Ai

As the call center environment improves with the introduction of AI technology, it becomes more and more important to fine tune AI programming in order to ensure continued success. With routine checks and programming, it becomes increasingly possible to achieve self-learning algorithms that ensure a more intelligent reaction from Ai technology. At Rosponse Ai, we are dedicated to achieving continued success in Artificial Intelligence.  As a company that is focused on the success of their client’s, we remain committed to providing organizations with a competitive edge when they use our “cognitive” system of intuitive Ai software.

Resolving Customer Support Concerns

According to statistics, over 50% of customer support issues go unresolved. This is one of the main ways that Ai technology can assist. By implementing AI software companies across a wide range of different industries can better serve their customers and resolve their concerns more effectively. By eliminating long wait times, enhancing the immediacy with which questions are answered, and directing customers to the most appropriate channels, there are a variety of ways that Ai technology can assist with resolving customer support concerns effectively.

The Changing Role of The Human Call Center Agent

As more and more progress is made, it is evident that the human call center agent will be replaced or augmented by the introduction of the Ai agent, voice Ai bot, . An Ai agent can process calls faster and offer more accurate responses without the delays or call interferences that are typical of human interactions. With more advancements being made in artificial intelligence, the role of the human call center agent is morphing. As Ai agents handle routine and basic calls, this frees up human agents to handle the more complex call center inquiries. In most instances, the need for a human call center agent is entirely eradicated and an organization can continue to expand with only Ai agents providing advanced and complex solutions to customer calls.

Analyzing the advantages of an Ai Call Center Agent

When deciding whether or not to make the switch to an Artificial Intelligence based call center, it helps to take the time to analyze one’s current call center operating schema and to see where improvements can be made. Some pertinent questions to ask include Are calls being answered on time? Are there any missed phone calls that could result in a loss of sales? Is the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a workforce profitable in the long run? By examining some of these factors, one can make a decision of whether or not to implement AI technology into the current operating process.

Replacing Human Interaction With Voice Ai Technology

It is natural for business owners to have initial concerns when it comes to replacing human interaction with Ai technology. The worry is always that the customer will ultimately want to speak directly to a live agent and that they will be frustrated if they can’t connect with one. However, the fact is that over 42% of call center calls are abandoned when a live agent is present. This is due to the immense frustration on the part of the customer as the live agent lacks the knowledge to assist them in resolving their queries and concerns. On the contrary, with Ai technology, a caller can get the fast assistance they need to resolve their questions and access a vast storehouse of knowledge via their Ai agent.

At Rosponse Ai, we can walk each business through the process of transitioning their call center over to an Ai technology-based environment. To remain competitive in this modern and ever-changing landscape of call centers, it is important to move towards progress, Implementing Ai technology offers the opportunity to do exactly that while reaping the benefits of improved efficiency and increased profitability.


AI Dialer

A Comparison of an Conversational Ai Dialer And A Human Call Center Agent

Artificial Intelligence technology has been on the rise in the past decade and has become a staple in many large company’s marketing and operational efforts. To better understand artificial intelligence and its role in a call center, it is imperative to investigate how it works. Artificial intelligence technology is centered around machine learning and deep learning in computerized equipment. The computer is programmed and then subsequently provides intuitive responses based on certain behavior. With an AI dialer, a call center will have the ability to scale the volume of calls they are able to make on a per minute basis. This larger volume speeds the workflow, making it more powerfully effective and exponentially more profitable.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Offered by Rosponse Ai

At Rosponse Ai, our technology is ideal for the call center owner who is interested in cost savings and time savings. Our technology provides both of these advantages with the added benefit of cutting edge, revolutionary AI technology. Many companies that purport to offer Ai technology actually only provide a type of technology called Avatar where the human employee is pushing buttons. Instead, with Rosponse Ai, our technology involves an AI dialer that can push the required buttons automatically without the need for human intervention.

Is an Conversational Voice Ai Dialer Faster Than a Human Live Agent?

Conversational Voice Ai dialer software offered through Rosponse Ai has the capability of minute-by-minute customizable agents scalability. With ability to handle over 100,000 calls per minute effectively accomplishing as much as a 1,000 Agents manually dialing for 8 hours. This gives your call center the opportunity to be transformed into a highly efficient, predictive, and organized facility. With Ai dialer technology, the average call center can operate on a larger scale without the need to expand the workforce or alter the scope of their business operations. A human customer service agent can make significantly fewer calls on a per minute basis in addition to having to manually filter through no answers or wrong numbers which a predictive Ai dialer can automatically move through at a much faster pace.

Transforming The Customer Experience

With a human live agent, the end user is subject to their limitations regarding their company knowledge and subject knowledge related to the issue at hand. However, with an Ai agent, the customer will have access to a vaster storehouse of knowledge as the Voice Ai agent will be able to access all of the product information and data relative to inquiries posed by prospective callers. When considering the end user’s experience, an Ai agent can fully transform their entire experience as they will be able to enjoy faster answers to questions they are posing as well as more accurate and timely responses. As the Ai dialer is able to access an expansive vault of information relative to any one subject, they are able to get the resolution the customer needs without the long wait time, transfers to external departments, or disconnected calls that currently plague the traditional call center environment.

Reimagining the Future of Call Centers and Contact Centers Suites

Now, with the implementation of  Conversational Voice Ai dialers in the call center atmosphere is rapidly changing the face of call centers worldwide. Their introduction into the contact center has already created a more predictive, smarter, and more finely tuned environment. With the average customer expecting better customer service, shorter wait times, and faster solutions to their concerns, it has become more necessary than ever to alter the way call centers operate. This is where artificial intelligence technology can make a significant improvement in the performance, sales, and ultimately profitability of a call center in any industry or market.

Rosponse Ai Dialer – Changing The Game of Contact Centers Call Centers on A Global Level

Rosponse Ai Dialer software and technology is unlike any other type of artificial intelligence technology on the market. After extensive research backed with scientific data, we have created a revolutionary type of artificial intelligence technology that works intuitively. It responds to customer inquiries using a combination of machine learning and deep learning. This means that the software can respond to certain specific behavior sets and then change those responses to meet the desired outcome. If you are interested in taking your call center to the next level of success using advanced AI technology while minimizing costs and enhancing effectiveness, Rosponse Ai can provide the right solutions.

Our multifaceted technology includes AI dialer software that is capable of placing 100,000 calls per minute as well as an Ai agent which mimics the human voice in both tone and conversation. The technology completely replaces the need for a live agent and does not need to be used in conjunction with an employee. It thereby significantly reduces labor costs as well as costs associated with training, hiring, and updating employees on new information or new product additions. With our Rosponse Ai technology implementation in call centers, the transition from live agent to Ai technology is virtually seamless.

Ultimately, when considering the role of Ai technology in a call center, the need for a human live agent can ultimately be fully replaced. Instead of spearheading the cost of running and maintaining a call center, companies can direct those funds towards other areas of the business for increased profitability. Ultimately staff can be hired to complete other critical in-person roles while the AI dialer handles routine calls made to increase sales or improve the customer service experience.

Artificial Intellgences

Transforming The Contact Center With Ai Agents Vs. Offshore Agents

Contact Centers rely heavily on call agents to answer incoming queries from customers, direct them to the right solutions, and possibly upsell them to additional services. However more than any other industry, the call center is being upgraded to artificial intelligence technology. At Rosponse Ai, our technology has the capacity to place over 100,000 calls per minute resulting in enhanced company efficiency, greater speed, and increased productivity. If you are searching for a way to expand your call center, artificial intelligence technology is the wave of the future that is here today.

Comparing offshore agents with artificial intelligence agents

Outsourcing with an offshore call center can best be defined as utilizing an external service provider in a country other than the United States to handle incoming phone calls and other call center management tasks. The offshore call center is typically responsible for the training, hiring, and maintenance of call center staff. However, increasingly, call centers are considering the implementation of artificial intelligence call center agents as a replacement for offshore call centers. There are many advantages inherent in this naturally progressive approach.

When comparing offshore call center agents with Ai agents, it becomes apparent that artificial intelligence agents have capabilities that far exceed that of their human counterparts. This becomes even more pronounced when a company has been using offshore agents to manage their customer service. Although offshore agents are efficient at their jobs, there are inherent challenges that companies continue to face. These challenges include language barriers and native accents that can make communication difficult.

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence technologies is that it mimics the human voice in tone and conversational abilities without the restrictions that an accent may present. When it comes to assisting the customer in the most efficient way, Conversational Voice Ai technology can prove to be the most effective as there are no accents to contend with or any other related language or comprehension barriers to prevent the customer from getting the assistance they need.

Conversational Voice Ai Technology can Provide the Same Cost Savings or More

Many businesses choose to outsource their call center duties to offshore centers due to the cost-saving factors involved. However, companies can experience the same cost saving levels and more when they make the switch to artificial intelligence technology. In fact, Conversational Voice Ai technology can provide an 80% increase in savings compared to the costs of retaining a large call center staff whether onshore or offshore.

Managing Customer Satisfaction

Taking customer satisfaction into account is critical when making the decision to use an offshore call center or artificial intelligence call center agents. According to a study produced by researchers located at MIT Sloan School of Management, call center offshore calls resulted in a significant decrease in the quality and service. This dissatisfaction with the use of offshore customer service agents can be attributed to a variety of different elements including linguistic barriers, lack of company knowledge, and inability to provide the right communication between departments.

The Advantages of Using Conversational Voice Ai Agents

Unlike with offshore agents, artificial intelligence agents offered by Rosponse Ai technology can revolutionize the way a company interacts with their customers. The barriers of language and culture that may pose a concern when using offshore agents are completely eliminated when utilizing the technology available from Rosponse Ai. Making the switch to AI technology will prove to increase results on call center campaigns and marketing campaigns as conversions are optimized and obstacles to making the sale are removed.

Communication is key when it comes to converting an interested customer into a purchasing customer. Making the final sales comes down to a variety of different factors and knowledge of the product at hand is key. Ai technology allows for vasts amount of data and knowledge to be stored at a time. When customers ask specific questions, the artificial intelligence agent is able to access these vast data stores in order to provide the appropriate responses. It is imperative for a company to consider that an offshore agent may not have had as thorough a storehouse of knowledge and this can increase the risk of customer dissatisfaction. Frequently an agent that doesn’t have an answer to a question will transfer the customer to another department where the call is either dropped and the customer has to redial or they need to repeat the reason for their call all over again. However, when using AI technology, a customer can expect to receive all of the information they need from one agent without the need to be transferred to various departments in order to get a resolution to their concerns.

According to a study published by Duke University’s Center For International Business Education and Research, a large percentage of small to medium-sized businesses are turning to offshore outsourcing to meet their call center needs. However, with the rise in customer dissatisfaction, businesses are beginning to look for another solution. Conversational Voice Ai is not a new concept but is one that is being fine-tuned to provide a specific subset of services tailored to the needs of an organization. In order to better serve their customers in the long run, businesses we talk to are exploring this cost-effective and efficient solution for their customer service needs.

Predicting Trends For AI Call Centers

It is estimated that by the year 2025, 85% of all customer interactions will be managed by an artificial intelligence agent. The future trends for Ai call centers indicate that more and more enterprises will be turning to this technology to streamline and improve their operations. With the implementation of artificial intelligence agents, customer service centers can focus on increasing productivity as the technology handles tier 1 customer inquiries and concerns.

For organizations or companies wishing to improve productivity, enhance their marketing results, and increase overall profits, it is essential to consider integrating some form of Conversational Ai technology instead of outsourcing this vital task to an offshore call center. With the revolutionary new technology develped and sold by Rosponse Ai, companies will be able to do exactly that.