Basically, artificial intelligence (AI) relates to streamlining, restructuring and organizing data. Tasks which were traditionally being done by humans are now done by machines efficiently. Machines carry out tasks that were previously conducted by human agents, freeing them up for more vital and delicate responsibilities.

When you break it down like this, it’s unsurprising AI is becoming such a vital component of customer service. With tools like intelligent analytics and smart bots applied to the customer experience, call centers are now able to offer tailored attention customers desire.

Nevertheless, that’s only one of the advantages of integrating chatbots into your customer service plan. Employing this evolving technology can also have a positive effect on your business operations, brand and bottom line.

  1. AI enhances brand loyalty and trust

According to a recent study done by a reliable consulting firm, almost half of the businesses in the retail industry plan to employ AI to boost their customer experience by 2020. Most companies in the travel and hospitality industry have already integrated smart bots in most areas including customer service. Experts believe it won’t be long before we see AI call center software employed by all industry that wish to improve customer service.

The wide acceptance of artificial intelligence in various industries is due to the fact that chatbots can handle a wide range of repetitive tasks that would prove tiresome to human being. This enables human agents to be freed up to perform other more important tasks.

Businesses are now able to be more proactive with the help of AI as they can now scrutinize behavioral data and forestall customer defection. Smart bots have enabled companies to reach out to clients first and solve numerous customer’s issues before they arise. In other words, AI offers companies the foresight to address customer apprehensions before they become an issue. This attention goes a long way toward fostering the customer rapport.

Machine learning, which uses algorithms to detect and forecast trends in data, also adds value by fostering customer loyalty and confidence. From detecting possible security breaches to offering a steadfast service experience, it can give good impression of your overall brand.

In consequence, businesses are trialing with tools such as Amelia, the latest AI system from technology firm IPSoft. Mainly referred as “digital employee,” Amelia evaluates the context of customer interactions and acclimatizes her tone and actions to each costumer’s requirement.

  1. AI lowers call center attrition rates

In spite of what numerous sci-fi films would have you believe, AI systems and man can live in harmony. In reality, systems such as Amelia can work in unison with human agents and consequently lower call center attrition rates.

For instance, an Israeli firm, TechSee, leverages the cameras on customers’ handsets so they can show agents their problematic products in real time enabling agents to troubleshoot more efficiently. Meanwhile, away from the front line, the AI system learns from every customer reaction and collects data that can be used in the future to solve similar costumer issues. With human agents working with AI systems, the company saw a huge improvement on major contact key performance indicators (KPIs), like agent turnover rates and call resolution. In simple terms, human agents felt less pressured as AI systems helped them to identify problems and give solutions effectively without delay.

  1. AI boosts agent productivity

A call center agent will perform their job better when they are at ease and are afforded enough help in their work. To attain this, businesses are working with customer-engagement solutions such as Pypestream, a technology firm that creates smart bots for mobile messaging.

In Pypestream’s experience, over 80% of consumer interactions are monotonous — so the firm programs the solutions to these questions for the benefit of both consumers and agents. Pypestream Chief Customer Officer, Donna Peeples, claimed for a company to sustain a high-quality customer experience the focus of any bot should be intelligent automation of existing business processes delivered in an informal way.

In a similar way, Conversocial, provides a messaging tool that employs chatbots to collect vital consumer data before an interaction even starts. Experts claim that Conversocial’s Facebook and Twitter messaging tools automate 15% – 20% of the customer chats before passing them to a human rep for more tailored assistance and the desired resolution. For example, around 14% of Tesco’s Twitter DM responses had initially involved asking customers for more info. Nowadays, however, its agents start the conversation with essential and pertinent customer info already on hand. According to experts, this same tactic has reduced some businesses’ typical handle time by upwards of 30%.

  1. AI boost first call resolution rates

Just as smart bots can increase contact center efficiency and the speed with which an agent answers their questions, it can also have an encouraging impact on first call resolution rates. Using services like TechSee can make for a more precise tech-support analysis, but what about product shipping delays and health insurance queries? To solves such issues on the first try, collecting as much customer info as possible is very important.

IT consulting and software services firm Xavient Information Systems collects customer-interaction information from numerous platforms in an effort to boost first call resolution. Xavient’s analytics platform, known as AMPLIFY, combines AI with technology such as voice recognition to detect customer dissatisfaction and make recommendations that are tailored to improve interactions. AMPLIFY can even detect patterns in customer interactions, so agents can take the necessary actions to please customers right from the start.

Employing call center software ai to support and improve customer-agent conversations, rather than substituting people with chatbots, is without doubt the future of customer experience. And with the aid of cognitive technology, call centers can provide a more engaging and efficient interaction every time.


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