AI, short for artificial intelligence also known as machine intelligence is intelligence shown by machines. It was founded as an academic discipline in 1956, and in the years since revolutionized a lot of industries. Previously, AI technology was constrained to facilitating live chats and analyzing stock trends in the finance sector. Companies realized the huge potential benefits of using AI technology and they slowly integrated AI to solve various issues such as adapting to market patterns and simplifying workload in the workplace. It is well known that effective customer services boost an organization’s revenue and increases sales levels.  Quality customer services guarantees that the customer keeps on coming back.

Recent case studies for AI customer service show that companies are investing heavily in AI technology to create a better customer service experience. This indicates that AI technology and its use in the service industry is becoming a top priority for most organizations. AI can aid in taking customer service to levels never anticipated before. Clients tend to buy more products after being served well as compared to having a bad customer experience. Let us discuss how AI technology can be used to deliver quality customer service and improve an organizations brand image in the long run.

  1. AI technology can be used to provide dependable service, whenever customers need it

It is practically impossible for a human being to function all day and night for 365 days. Customers still want you to solve their issues at any given time or day. They also expect quick responses as compared to a delayed response. For a company to excel in a competitive marketing environment, providing reliable and effective customer service helps in keeping the customers happy. This boosts the levels of sales.

AI technology can help provide high levels of efficiency. In instances where organizations offer 24-7 customer services, using AI chat bots can prove to be very beneficial to a company. Chat bots such as smartbot evie can provide customer services at any time when required. They also try to provide clients with the best information and solve problems amicably. Whether its spelling errors while typing a message, chat bots are programmed to quickly understand your intention giving you the right feedback while inquiring what you originally meant to be solved.

AI chat bots have cognitive abilities that help them understand what a customer wants as he or she airs out their grievances. Unlike a human being who gets tired after a long day in the office, AI chat bots do not get tired and require no sleep to function effectively. This guarantees that they can be accessed by customers 24-7 boosting customer services from all angles.

  1. AI can use messaging apps to automate customer services

Social media has created a number of platforms and messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Most people are registered as users on these platforms and spend most of their time on social media apps, according to recent surveys. Reaching out to current and potential customers from their favorite messaging apps is an easier and economical method for companies to communicate with their clients. Many websites are recognizing this potential and integrating chat bots on their websites to reach out to clients via a chat interface.

Chat bots can also be used to generate sales and leads boosting revenue i sales while optimizing marketing strategies. They can also interact with customers guiding them on how to fill online forms correctly. Clients can also approve and cancel any transactions by simply interacting with the chat bots. Customer satisfaction is achieved if a company can provide customer support to clients no matter their location.

  1. Personalize your customer service experience

In the current market environment, the target of any organization is to provide the best customer service to clients. The customer is always right according to them and his priority comes first. This is being optimized to a great effect by B2B companies. Most of these companies are integrating AI technology to help boost sales and improve the overall experience. Customers always want to feel valued and provision of best customer services to clients with whichever type of technology that motivates them to remain loyal to your brand.  However, customers do not want to lose the human aspect of transactions. They prefer talking to human beings as compared to automated machines. Machine learning and natural language is helping us achieve this by manufacturing chat bots with cognitive abilities. Cognitive ability helps chat bots learn from human interactions as they communicate with them. A well-designed AI chat bot can make a customer think they are communicating with a human being.

Speech analytics helps them analyze people’s moods and know when someone is angry, sad or happy. Hey also tend to have better record keeping capabilities as compared to humans. This means that AI chat bots can easily recall last conversations with clients.

  1. The future of workforce management

As the use of AI technology spreads across organizations and industries, AI –powered workforce management will involve more than just optimizing workflow. Adaptive and deep learning capabilities will aid AI applications in assuming wider functions that manages employee turnover in organizations effectively. This ensures that employee feel satisfied in the workplace. AI technology will come with loads of functions that require AI system to access and gather huge volumes of data from various sources to process highly complicated data at ease.

AI technology will also assist in the recruitment process and appraisal of employees while analyzing their behaviour to help identify the needs and aspirations much more clearly. This will be made possible with integrating AI technology with artificial emotional intelligence, giving the AI system a clear perception on human nature.

One of the many call center myths is AI technology taking over jobs in the workplace. As we can see, artificial intelligence is meant to help human beings perform their jobs efficiently. One can say that artificial intelligence is will replace menial task instead of jobs in the workplace. It is hard not to imagine an organization without AI technology in the future.  Companies should understand this and increase their efforts in integrating AI in workforce management. This will clear the path for AI technology to be fully incorporated into all other functions of enterprises.

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