The recent development of technologies such as the buzzword ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has proven to realize sci-fi dreams; of an electronically automated world. However, such an ideal world begs the question if human labor will have the same importance.

The achievements of technologies such as AI in its short lifespan; seems like out of a Sci-Fi movie. It was only a few decades ago when futuristic ideas like machines are taking the place of humans were deemed impossible. Here we are with technological advancements that are proving otherwise. We can see a visible change how these developments are breaking futuristic ideas free from the shackles of fiction and making them a reality.

Throughout history, we have seen that all significant technological developments; bring about a massive change in the working of many industries. Such is the case with AI as it is poised to change the landscape of customer service along with many others.

However, it is not just the technology that is evolving. There is also the expectation of the consumer. Customer service is necessary for the sales of any brand or organisation. People are more focused than ever on customer service, as everyone wants to have a comfortable atmosphere. No one is willing to sacrifice their peace. In simple words, customer service can make or break your business.

The technological advancements have, no doubt, increased the quality of products while making them more affordable than ever. However, the quality of customer service has also needed to rise, as there is more competition than ever to provide a better experience. In the process, customers are entirely no longer accepting subpar standards of customer service.  Moreover, every company is trying their utmost to maintain the standards while finding ways to keep increasing their profits.

Such has led people to believe that that AI will soon be overflowing in all fields and start replacing human workforce. In a bid to lower their operating costs.

While that will be true to some extent, but it can never replace human agents. Humans are emotionally connected, and we need moral or emotional reassurance which is possible only with a human agent.

In this article, we will argue where an AI Agent can prove to be better and where humans still and will likely reign supreme.

Firstly, we will look at where an artificial intelligence call center performs better.


1-Can help to solve simple problems:

In your school days, your computer teacher may have used an analogy that computers are dumb machines that need to be instructed everything to do anything. However, they can do those tasks incredibly quickly provided they get adequately instructed.

Similarly, applications such as a chatbot are specially instructed to identify and answer simple queries. Also, they can do those millions of times in a matter of minutes.

Technologies such as AI can be incorporated in these applications to identify a broader number of queries and solve them. AI Dialer is a term for software that use such technologies provide automated responses.

2-Can help to solve repeating problems:

As we mentioned on the previous point that AI can be incorporated to identify and solve a more extensive number of problems. That remains true for a problem that occurs a lot, and it can also start learning from that data to make itself better.
Incorporating AI is making it possible for the organizations to deal with a repeating similar problem.

A visible example is from the popular game “league of legends” in which inappropriate language almost became a norm. We can deal with this with the help of AI software was taught to differentiate between standard language and abuses/racist language. The software with the support of AI was able to predict the abusive comment and act accordingly. Therefore, the offensive language went down by 40%

3-Can help to filter out unneeded information:

The internet is a massive poll of information, and at this point, there is so much spam that it is a grim task to filter out everything manually.

For example, it is nearly impossible for a human to read all the emails they receive, let alone the famous brands or organisation. Specialized AI software can be used instead for this purpose. They can filter out the unneeded emails and organize the important ones in an easy to read form. Gmail is one email service to incorporate such technology into their platform.

Many big companies are using this AI-powered technology to scan and direct the emails to the right office.

4-Can prove to be much cheaper in doing these tasks:

Machines have and will continue to provide a cheaper option than humans at doing tasks that are less complex and gets repeated many times. Humans cannot compete them in these tasks, and AI is built to do these kinds of repeating tasks.

Although, such technologies still infrastructure, maintenance and development costs; they always prove to be cheaper and more reliable than employing humans.

Now that we discussed the areas that AI is superior in, we will look at some areas where human reigns supreme.


1-Can solve much more complex and unique problems:

Although technology is developing at an impressive level; there are still complex problems that require the intellect of a human being to solve. No matter how developed technology is becoming, it still has many hurdles in efficiently solving a unique problem that doesn’t repeat as much.

There is a reason that there still needs to be humans to solve the majority of queries in call centres. There is just no competition here.

2-Can prove to be more efficient in solving complex issues:

There are often complaints that humans are not as efficient or reliable. That is true to some extent, as a human has many needs compared to a machine.

However, they are the only one who can solve more complex issues. Moreover, they are very efficient at solving them considering the complexity. Of course, that can only happen provided they are adequately trained, their basic needs are fulfilled, and their workload gets appropriately managed.

3-Can prove to be more cost efficient while solving such issues:

Employing a human is undoubtedly costly if you have to hire a lot of them. On top of that, they have more need.

However, developing and maintaining a system that can replace humans is even more costly as a whole. Depending on the task, it might not also be technologically possible at that time. So, you have to put a lot of money researching, and there is no guarantee that research will pay off either.


Customer services are the area where AI is currently being used intensely and is having a huge impact as well. It gets used in different fields for different reasons such as to give quick and easy service to the customers.

The features provided by AI and such technologies are getting implemented into Telemarketing software to ease the workload of them human agents; and let them deal with more complex issues. Such software is transforming the call centres of today into AI Call Center. However, they aren’t taking bulk of the work of humans as their place are just as vital.

Unlikely other use of AI, ways to improve customer service is something almost all companies whether large or small have to deal with. Therefore, they are making full use of the current Artificial intelligence.

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