Can AI do a better job than humans?

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The recent development of technologies such as the buzzword ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has proven to realize sci-fi dreams; of an electronically automated world. However, such an ideal world begs the question if human labor will have the same importance.

The achievements of technologies such as AI in its short lifespan; seems like out of a Sci-Fi movie. It was only a few decades ago when futuristic ideas like machines are taking the place of humans were deemed impossible. Here we are with technological advancements that are proving otherwise. We can see a visible change how these developments are breaking futuristic ideas free from the shackles of fiction and making them a reality.

Throughout history, we have seen that all significant technological developments; bring about a massive change in the working of many industries. Such is the case with AI as it is poised to change the landscape of customer service along with many others.

However, it is not just the technology that is evolving. There is also the expectation of the consumer. Customer service is necessary for the sales of any brand or organisation. People are more focused than ever on customer service, as everyone wants to have a comfortable atmosphere. No one is willing to sacrifice their peace. In simple words, customer service can make or break your business.

The technological advancements have, no doubt, increased the quality of products while making them more affordable than ever. However, the quality of customer service has also needed to rise, as there is more competition than ever to provide a better experience. In the process, customers are entirely no longer accepting subpar standards of customer service.  Moreover, every company is trying their utmost to maintain the standards while finding ways to keep increasing their profits.

Such has led people to believe that that AI will soon be overflowing in all fields and start replacing human workforce. In a bid to lower their operating costs.

While that will be true to some extent, but it can never replace human agents. Humans are emotionally connected, and we need moral or emotional reassurance which is possible only with a human agent.

In this article, we will argue where an AI Agent can prove to be better and where humans still and will likely reign supreme.

Firstly, we will look at where an artificial intelligence call center performs better.


1-Can help to solve simple problems:

In your school days, your computer teacher may have used an analogy that computers are dumb machines that need to be instructed everything to do anything. However, they can do those tasks incredibly quickly provided they get adequately instructed.

Similarly, applications such as a chatbot are specially instructed to identify and answer simple queries. Also, they can do those millions of times in a matter of minutes.

Technologies such as AI can be incorporated in these applications to identify a broader number of queries and solve them. AI Dialer is a term for software that use such technologies provide automated responses.

2-Can help to solve repeating problems:

As we mentioned on the previous point that AI can be incorporated to identify and solve a more extensive number of problems. That remains true for a problem that occurs a lot, and it can also start learning from that data to make itself better.
Incorporating AI is making it possible for the organizations to deal with a repeating similar problem.

A visible example is from the popular game “league of legends” in which inappropriate language almost became a norm. We can deal with this with the help of AI software was taught to differentiate between standard language and abuses/racist language. The software with the support of AI was able to predict the abusive comment and act accordingly. Therefore, the offensive language went down by 40%

3-Can help to filter out unneeded information:

The internet is a massive poll of information, and at this point, there is so much spam that it is a grim task to filter out everything manually.

For example, it is nearly impossible for a human to read all the emails they receive, let alone the famous brands or organisation. Specialized AI software can be used instead for this purpose. They can filter out the unneeded emails and organize the important ones in an easy to read form. Gmail is one email service to incorporate such technology into their platform.

Many big companies are using this AI-powered technology to scan and direct the emails to the right office.

4-Can prove to be much cheaper in doing these tasks:

Machines have and will continue to provide a cheaper option than humans at doing tasks that are less complex and gets repeated many times. Humans cannot compete them in these tasks, and AI is built to do these kinds of repeating tasks.

Although, such technologies still infrastructure, maintenance and development costs; they always prove to be cheaper and more reliable than employing humans.

Now that we discussed the areas that AI is superior in, we will look at some areas where human reigns supreme.


1-Can solve much more complex and unique problems:

Although technology is developing at an impressive level; there are still complex problems that require the intellect of a human being to solve. No matter how developed technology is becoming, it still has many hurdles in efficiently solving a unique problem that doesn’t repeat as much.

There is a reason that there still needs to be humans to solve the majority of queries in call centres. There is just no competition here.

2-Can prove to be more efficient in solving complex issues:

There are often complaints that humans are not as efficient or reliable. That is true to some extent, as a human has many needs compared to a machine.

However, they are the only one who can solve more complex issues. Moreover, they are very efficient at solving them considering the complexity. Of course, that can only happen provided they are adequately trained, their basic needs are fulfilled, and their workload gets appropriately managed.

3-Can prove to be more cost efficient while solving such issues:

Employing a human is undoubtedly costly if you have to hire a lot of them. On top of that, they have more need.

However, developing and maintaining a system that can replace humans is even more costly as a whole. Depending on the task, it might not also be technologically possible at that time. So, you have to put a lot of money researching, and there is no guarantee that research will pay off either.


Customer services are the area where AI is currently being used intensely and is having a huge impact as well. It gets used in different fields for different reasons such as to give quick and easy service to the customers.

The features provided by AI and such technologies are getting implemented into Telemarketing software to ease the workload of them human agents; and let them deal with more complex issues. Such software is transforming the call centres of today into AI Call Center. However, they aren’t taking bulk of the work of humans as their place are just as vital.

Unlikely other use of AI, ways to improve customer service is something almost all companies whether large or small have to deal with. Therefore, they are making full use of the current Artificial intelligence.

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Will AI take over the future of customer service?

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We live in an age where technologies that make our lives easier are developing now and then. By far, the most exciting of them today is artificial intelligence and it’s poised to change everything.

We are at a grand stage in science and technology. The recent invention of Artificial Intelligence has proved to fulfill the once distant dreams of an electronically automated world. Although Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy, it’s still able to achieve things in its current state that were once thought to be impossible. It’s able to do that by replacing the need of humans in places, where their importance was imperative.

So, as you might expect from the topic title; call centers are one of them. Although, as mentioned about AI, the presence of AI in a call center is still in its infancy. However, they are already leaving their marks. As services such as RosponseAI is using AI algorithms and automatic responders (also known as chatbots) that can deal with clients in place of humans.

Artificial Intelligence is poised to make the call centers more efficient, customer-friendly, quick, and easy to work with. They will have new methods of providing care and ease to the customers. It will quickly grasp customer’s worries or queries and predict what they want.

The rapid increase in the development of such technologies is impacting the world. Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will interact 85% of their relationship with the organization without interacting with a human.

Call centers are the vital part of any organization whether it’s a trillion-dollar company or a little start-up. Such provides a critical connection between the customer and business organizations. AI is positively affecting call center in a significant way, but it doesn’t mean that the centers can plausibly stop employing humans.

Thinking that the AI will completely take over the responsibilities of human service is still sci-fi. It will be a combination of human agents and AI.

Below are some arguments that show that an AI call center agent will be unable to replace humans:

Expensive To Incorporate

It’s no wonder that technologies such as AI can prove to be more reliable and also provide more comfort to the clients. For example, a chatbot using such technologies wouldn’t ever get tired of answering the same question and again, nor will they need to take holidays.

Of course, if something is as revolutionary as this, then there’s always a catch. AI and other such technologies are expensive to incorporate; not every organization can viably make use of them. The services providing them are also often more costly than other alternatives

Customers exceedingly want faster solutions and for all of their problems. However, the question is that is if the rising expectations of customer worth spending hundreds of dollars?.

AI is a huge focus in our global world. However, one thing is crystal clear regarding AI and contact centers. Unless you are a big company with a sizeable amount of budget, then it is just not viable to incorporate them into your business.

Also, the small companies may not even need them right now as they aren’t dealing with millions of order each month. These technologies in its current state is merely a burden to bear as you need the money and human resources to implement it.

Only A Human Can Help Another Human At Times

When it comes customer service, there is no doubt that clients still prefer talking to a human being over an artificial helping assistant. Many times, you have complicated questions that can only be answered by human agents.

However, this does not mean that AI cannot be used to make the lives of human agents easier. There are many ways call center can use them to assist human agents. One of them is to establish a chatbot that can answer simple queries and technologies such as AI can be used to widen their responses. That makes the simple answers easily accessible to your customers and take a burden off your agents.

Given A Choice, Customers Prefer Messaging Over Voice

This world is moving at an insane speed, and everyone is busy in his or her hectic life patterns. It’s a proven fact that 70% of today’s clients prefer messaging to voice calls for customer support.

Messaging allows the client to connect in their free time. It keeps a record of the entire conversations. In this way an AI agent or chatbot can answer up to 80% of the simple questions, freeing up human agents and allowing them to answer the complex and complicated issues.

However, notice that doesn’t mean humans are getting replaced. They are merely working to solve to more complex questions than before. Such can also let your agents shine as they don’t have to be a robot and answer the same question again and again.

Famous Brands are already employing this method, as they have a large number of clients calling them each day. Therefore, this provides agents the time to answer customer questions thoughtfully, improving customer care for everyone.

Now that we argued how the place of humans in call centers is imperative. Let us look at what technologies such as AI are helping us be more efficient

Helps to fulfil the simple needs of a customer quicker

With such technologies getting incorporated into applications like chatbots, it’s made possible to use less time on finding a simple query. Now, people don’t have to go through the hassle of calling the customer support and wait in a queue to get some minimum information. Chatbots and other such technologies are always ready to answer any question that the user might have or is concerned. They provide with accurate answers, and that saves the clients from the unnecessary hassle.

Saves Time

Everyone is in a hurry to get things done. With all people in a competition to do better than the other, AI proves to be fatal. AI is assisting human agents in doing the simple work which saves the time for human agents to attend to complex tasks. It not only keeps the time of human agents but as well as the customers.

However, if the matter at hand is more complex and urgent then AI will automatically put it on the top list and client will quickly get in touch with the troubled customer. That only benefits the employer as the agents can focus on answering the more intricate questions. Moreover, there will still always be enough demand just fulfilling that.


After all these points it’s quite clear that that AI made a considerable impact, in a small time, in the field of the call center. AI has contributed to making the life of human agents much more straightforward.

When AI call center agents and Human agents join forces, then the best result can be conducted. It is thought of that in the upcoming years most of the call centers will be mostly be dealing with AI. We are positive about the future of AI in the call center, but we believe it’s not possible without human agents.

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What is the best telemarketing software to use?

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Although telemarketing started with the advancement in technology, the premise of telemarketing seems almost primitive compared to recent forms of marketing. It remains as one of the most effective.

In the past, the most straightforward way to promote a product was to drop at the doorsteps of potential customers. However, that does not case anymore with the advent of technology. Various new methods of marketing have formed credit to the technological advancements.

Telemarketing is one of them as they used the invention of the telephone and mobiles to connect with potentially interested people; with the goal to educate them on the benefits of a particular product and market it to them.

Despite telemarketing being a relatively recent form of marketing; it is still older than most recent forms of marketing. It is old enough to be one of the more primitive types of marketing. Because of that, it isn’t the most, and the general needs of telemarketing are costly, to begin with.

However, addressing that to some extent is quite easy these days by using recent technologies such as applications that digitize the process. They help to automate much of the process and ease the burden on your workload.

Moreover, the enabler many of these applications is the internet. The internet has become as one of the most convenient tools for telemarketing companies today. Firstly, it helps the applications to connect your workforce to the clients no matter where they may be in the world. Also, they automate much of the process that needed to be done using analogue methods.

Evolution isn’t, however, stopping there, as nowadays telemarketing can be done entirely by using Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the advancements have given birth to a recent method of connecting to potential clients through the use of smartphone apps. Agents are attracting customers through the phone or face to face chat. Video chat is becoming more and more popular every year.

With so much advancement in technology, all the big agencies or organisations have started using such techniques for telemarketing to reach out to potential customers.

However, it’s a headache to look for good telemarketing software, especially if you are new in this field. As the demands have given birth to competition and there are so many options. It is like you will feel confused by the different descriptions and terms. Below we will provide you with a few best telemarketing software and tell why they are the best.

Firstly, we will talk about the two-telemarketing software which are more popular and what most use as a beginner. They are called ViciDial and GoAutoDial.


ViciDial is a telemarketing software which deals explicitly call centre suite specialising in predictive auto dialling along with many others.

It can be used not only for outbound call centre operations but also for inbound ones. This software has been developing rapidly for the past few years and also added a lot of convenient features. However, the most significant advantage is that it is open source and free to distribute.

It is currently the most popular most popular Open-Source Contact Centre Solution in the world. With a record of over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries around the world.


Much like ViciDial, GoAutoDial is a call centre suite specialising in predictive auto dialling along with many others such as inbound call routing, chat, full reporting, featuring management, and email communication modules.

It is quite similar to ViciDial software; the only difference being the latter more fleshed out and gives more options. Like the former, GoAutoDial is also open source and can deal with both inbound and outbound call centre operations.

Features of the two

1-Inbound, Outbound call handling.

2-Inbound Email handling

3-Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialling

4-Web-based agent

5-Feature to have agents operate remotely

6-Integrated call recording and administrative interfaces

7-Three-Way calling within the agent application

8-Scalable to hundreds of seats

9-Open-Source licensed, with no software licensing cost


GOautodial and ViciDial are both based on Linux which installs the GOautodial applications automatically and other open source software to have a full-featured call centre system.

They are under the AGPLv2 license which means they are free for everyone to use and redistribute.


The main difference between the Vicidial system and the GOautodial system is that Goautodial is much more user-friendly. It’s simple and easy to install, and the user experience is a lot better.

Another difference is Vicidial has fewer footprints on resources, and you have limited access to utilise every feature. However, in the case of GoAutoDial, it is found to be resource intensive but offers more features and support. You can use the added and latest features to enhance user experience.

Next, we will look at Avatar Dialer and RosponseAI which are similar to each other in the services they provide. Both take their spin on them.

Avatar Dialer

Avatar Dialler is a call centre solution providing auto dialling capability with high quality pre-recorded messages in American and British accents. This software is great for call centres handling a lot of incoming international calls. It is also great for marketing companies or customer service centres that make thousands if not more of outbound calls.

Avatar Dialer takes charge many of your calls and responds with pre-recorded voices while you and your agents can perform other clients that genuinely need your help. It helps you to be more efficient with your workforce.


RosponseAi is an AI call centre software. It is the next generation of call centre software using machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. RosponseAI is using AI algorithms and automatic responders that can deal with clients in place of humans. This system is also capable of performing many other functions that are essential for the successful working of a call centre in a timely and cost-effective manner

Features of the two

1-Both are meant to take the burden off your agents

2-They allow you to redirect the simple queries of your clients to automated responses

3-They allow you to operate on a low workforce

4-They allow you to be more efficient

5-They generally cost less hiring more employees


As mentioned, they take the burden of your agents by using automated responses and generally tend to cost less than hiring more employees for these tasks.


Although, avatar dialer automates a lot of simple responses by using pre-recorded messages; but still lets you use of your agents to take calls that genuinely need their help otherwise.

On the other hand, RosponseAI makes use of AI algorithms and automatic responders that can deal with clients in place of humans. This system is also capable of performing many other functions that are essential for the successful working of a call centre in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The influence of telemarketing software is spreading like wildfire. In the upcoming recent years, all these matters will be under the command of Artificial Intelligence. The Internet has provided a grand platform that acts as a bridge in making the world more technology eccentric. If you are a just starting, then you can prefer to use GoAutoDial. It is an updated version of ViciDial and offers more features for a new user.

For experts, ViciDial is the best option as it is to be handled with more care and in a professional manner. RosponseAI is still considered the best software as it provides you with great ease. When it comes to choosing the best software for call centre, RosponseAI is ahead in all aspects. It also makes sure to give accurate sales predictability which is essential for all call centres. It is a simple and hassle-free method of communicating with your clients.

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How far has AI helped businesses in achieving their goals?

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Within the business community, there is always a constant pressure to not only perform well, but also to beat one’s competitors. This is fueled by the desire to gather as many leads as possible, and convert them into serious buyers. As a result, newer marketing trends are emerging on the scene, and business owners are eager to try them all. This is because nobody wants to be left out, or rather, cannot afford to lag behind others. One such phenomenon is Artificial Intelligence, which has shown promising results for entrepreneurs who have experimented with it.

Artificial Intelligence, more commonly known as AI, has revolutionized the business world for good. With its complicated yet efficient systems, it has made the life of entrepreneurs easier on many fronts. Before we get in to the details of how it has helped business owners in achieving their respective goals, let us tell you a bit about AI itself

Artificial intelligence refers to the display of intelligence by machines that have been designed to perform certain tasks. Such machines, or robots, have been programmed to carry out functions that are usually expected from humans. Also, an important point to note is that AI not only works quicker, but has also proven to give accurate results. This is the reason why business owners haven’t wasted time in incorporating this new technology within their organizations. As a result, many of their business goals have been achieved. Let’s discuss some of them below

Being able to run successful marketing campaigns with far-fetching results

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, without which most of the sales would disappear. As a result, business owners keep on looking for new ways to showcase their products and/or services to their targeted audience. With the evolution of technology came the birth of Artificial Intelligence, which quickly grew in the framework of marketing strategies. Consequently, many businesses actively employ it these days to achieve their respective sales mark.

The most popular application of Artificial Intelligence within the scope of marketing campaigns is running and determining the efficiency of digital marketing strategies. Most digital marketing strategies use a variety of routes these days, including social media marketing and email marketing. In order to run these campaigns in coherence with each other, normally a business would require many skilled personnel along with advance equipment. Also, the process leading up to the implementation phase would be quite nerve-wrecking, and filled with lots of hard work. However, now, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, business owners can run all of these campaigns smoothly, and without having to monitor them all the time. This is because AI takes over multiple tasks, and performs them accurately without requiring human assistance. Let’s have a look at some of them below:

1-Sending a generic reply to potential and current clients, and decreasing the response time

2- Detecting negative feedback, and assisting business owners in having to deal with it

3- Connecting potential clients with the sales department in a timely manner

4- Putting up posts and updates on time that have been scheduled by business owners

In addition to this, AI is also quite helpful when it comes to telemarketing. It assists in the effective distribution of calls to the appropriate agents, and can even keep callers engaged if all lines are busy. Hence, it lets business owners reach out towards potential leads and turn them into serious buyers in a hassle-free and efficient manner. As a result, their sales go up in lesser time as compared to before, and operations run more systematically.

Collecting the required data in no time, and analyzing it at amazing speeds

Data collection is important for evaluating the running of any business. This is because these figures are then used to analyze the performance of current marketing and operational strategies, which are revamped if found to be less beneficial than expected. Previously, before the advent of artificial intelligence, this process involved days’ worth of hard work, and even after that, results were not accurate. This is because dealing with such a large amount of data, and analyzing it accurately, isn’t humanly possible. However, it’s the opposite now, and business owners have benefitted immensely from AI systems.

These systems are specifically designed as per the requirements of the business they are employed by. Their main function is to gather relevant data, analyze it as accurately as possible, and display it in a manner that is easily understandable. Also, what’s more is that the process is now quicker, and does not require human involvement, except at a later stage when decisions have to be made. As a result, businesses are easily able to identify and replace strategies and practices that are not working for them, instead of suffering losses due to them.

Improving the efficiency of the business and cutting down on costs

Many businesses strive to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, which can be quite difficult in today’s world. This is because there are several things to be done at once, and this requires the use of both human and material resources in abundance. Cutting down on them becomes an issue, as operations start getting affected as a result.

However, with the advent of Artificial Technology, the scene is changing. Businesses can now have robots and specialized systems perform many tasks, which decreases the amount of human resource required at any given time. Also, this reduces the need for complicated equipment that constantly needs repair and maintenance. As a result, operations become much more efficient and less costly to run, which benefits businesses on all levels.

As can be seen from the above discussion, Artificial Intelligence has helped business owners on many fronts. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that it has assisted them in achieving their goals in a lot of ways. However, more research is still underway, and it is expected that further applications of AI will spring up in the near future.

If you need expert advice regarding AI, feel free to contact RosponseAI, and have all your queries answered right away.

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How to write cold-emails that quickly convert to sales?

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Emails are an effective way of communicating with people, and it is being used in marketing more than ever.

The recent growth in spam emails is leading people to think that the era to use email for marketing will be over soon. Most experts believe email will lose the charm and some other innovating platform will take over.

However, there is still merit to the use of emails for marketing. You need to tweak your methods for them to be successful anymore.

In marketing, people use a term “Cold-email“. It’s nothing hard or cold (pun intended) to understand. It is quite simple and even people, who have no information about marketing, can understand easily.

Cold email is merely an email sent to a potential client that has no existing connection with your organisation. Whoever has an email is bound to get cold emails.  Cold emails are mostly left unread keeps on piling in your inbox.

An average worker gets about 140 cold-emails each day. It doesn’t mean that cold emails are of no use because if they were not, then no one would keep sending them. Cold-emails are an excellent opportunity for you to spread your business without much expenditure. There is significant potential in converting leads into a client. You need to upgrade your tactics. Learn how to compose an effective Cold-mail. Try not to sell your product right away and stay away from sending a mail to cringe.

We will guide you through 6 tactics that are bound to bring an evident change in your cold-email response rate:

1-Identify your clients:

Quite obvious yet is ignored by a large of people. After all, if you were to sell ingredients to make medicines, you will want to connect with people who will buy them. That is pharma companies and such. There is no use in trying to sell ingredients for medicines to a tech company individual. In simpler terms, only target the people that could benefit from what it is that you are selling.

Reflect on the brands, style, and customers you will like to work. Also take into consideration factors that may affect such as location, interests, and whether you will satisfy their needs. If those aren’t accordingly, then you shouldn’t bother them by sending an unnecessary email.

Once you have found your target audience, then consider finding the right person to contact. You generally want to choose someone who will decide to use your product or service.

This process does sound very cumbersome, and it is. However, with the appearance of social media, the tools that you need are right in front of you. It is easier than ever. It will still take effort and time to profile them, and that is something you have to bear.

2-Map out what your clients care about:

Now that you have profiled the clients that can need your service. Reflect on what problems they may face and how you can solve those problems. For example, restaurants are often having trouble with the logistics of fresh food. So, if you offer any services that can help them solve that problem then layout the problem and how it affects them. Then reflect on how you can answer that problem and lay it out in a straightforward manner.

3-Get to the point:

Time is precious, and you cannot get it back. No one likes to waste it on reading an email with a few thousand words, and you must realise this. In fact, after only reading the beginning sentences, they should have understood what it is that you are trying to convey.

Avoid any sentences that are not needed to convey the point. Such as asking about how they are along with others. You also do not mean such words, and it is generally not a good practice to say something you don’t expect. Moreover, it is even more so for emails for marketing.

Consider using bullet points to illustrate your benefit and other methods that help to glance over your text quickly.

4-Test your email:

You can also consider showing the email to a friend or colleague of yours as a test. Observe if they can read them in less than 1 or 2 mins. Remember that they shouldn’t have trouble understanding any part and if they do, ask them how where they are having trouble. So tweak your mail accordingly.

5-Catch him with your subject line:

An estimated 35 per cent of email recipients open the email just by reading the subject line alone. They are your first impression before your first impression, and they often happen to be the last. Because many will not read anything more than that one line.

Your subject line should be short and define why you are mailing them. It is imperative not to make the subject line too big, generally less than ten words so our mind can glance through them at once.

6-Mention only one form of contact:

To increase your chances of conversion, give them a definite step to take if they are interested to know more. For example, do you want them to call? Alternatively, visit your website? Alternatively, email you back?

You need to give them just one step to take for them to know more. Nothing more and nothing less. The more you tell the client to do, the more you are overwhelming them with information. It is imperative that they don’t feel confused about such a simple action.

The takeaway

The technology have advanced immensely that have reduced the workload. RosponseAI is a stupendous software that utilizes the intelligence of AI for Market Research.

Email remains as one of the most effective ways to communicate as well as interact with your audience. However, the days when you can randomly send an email to everyone and expect them to become your customer are over. It’s merely not possible with the recent growth in spam emails.

Reading emails at this point has become a job itself which speaks volume. As mentioned above, an average worker gets about 140 cold-emails each day.

To use emails for marketing, it is imperative to tweak your emails to the trends of today. Mostly remember to be precise with your emails.

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