The term artificial intelligence is amusing, as it is a major constituent to bring robots to life. They are bringing a revolution to this era.

There was an age where people would laugh at the idea that robots could ever be a reality. There wasn’t the right technology, and it felt a distant far until we got that technology. Only after a couple of decades, people’s beliefs are proving to be miscalculations, and ROBOTS in marketing are inexorable.

Robots are serving as an opponent for the traditional artisans due to their efficiency, productivity and expenditures. There are many remarkable achievements in recent times in Tech Market, Ad Market, Transportation, banking, analysis, data assembling. That are testifying the threats to Artisans.

Why robots rather than artisans?

The relevant yet straightforward answer to this question is ‘’because they have made human lives much easier than that can ever be imagined’’. Technology has brought precision, accuracy, and speed to daily routine tasks that otherwise; takes more time and many steps to complete.

For example, if an analyst has piles of data and have to assemble as well has to process it in a limited amount of time, then intuition was the crazy force that was used to complete the analysis. Was that kind of analysis worthy? Only one in thousands.

Nowadays, technology can not only complete the analysis with accuracy but also be swift about it. Artificial intelligence is going even further beyond and helping us with tasks that were impossible to solve.

Customer services: robots vs artisans

During the last two decades, Robots have efficiently replaced the human workers from the category of customer services either in healthcare, food industry, logistics, shopping centres, transports along with others.

Their excellent services are seen in a local restaurant in Multan, Pakistan where a ROBOT waiter delivers food. Such an oddity has brought an unimaginable number of consumers to the restaurant.

There are also many shopping malls and workplaces where robots save the humans from the stress of Parking. Dusseldorf airport is an example of automated valet parking via robots as soon as one steps out of their vehicles. After initiating the parking process by pressing a button on the screen of the parking area, a robot lifts up the car and parks it at already marked parking places.

Are robots replacing artisans?

The more the wealthy human race is becoming, the more they are striving for luxury. Which project the leisure lives where personal chores are limited to housing and feeding (which actually can also be carried out by the specially designed Robots) themselves, with Robots having the sweat. However, this has caused severe threats to the many experienced and talented artisans.

According to, Chief Economist of Bank of England; Andy Haldane, Robots will take over 15 million jobs out of the out of the total 30 million jobs in England. Its analysis result of the data gathered by a survey carried out in the late November 2015 in England.

In the same way 69% jobs in India, 47% IN USA, 85% in Ethiopia and 77% in China Artisans will be sent home by their fellow ROBOTS in the coming two decades.

Are robots the real luddites for artisans?

All around the world, many blue and white collar jobs (bankers, gas station, attendants, travel agents, farmers) have been traded off with robots. Despite this, the human mind can never accept that the thing they have invented for their benefits turns out to be the one that outcomes them from their field of specialisation.

Make it difficult for the artisans to play their part as the breadwinners of their territories. Although, Robots are replacing artisans from half of the jobs present in the world. At the same time, they are providing billions of new jobs to the Artisans that can never be played by ROBOTS. ‘BAXTER’ can’t perform specific tasks if Artisans will not train it.

NO, Robots are not the assumed Luddites for Artisans. Artisans should look this scenario job transformation instead of replacement.

New job platforms created by robots for artisans

Although, Robots have taken the place of artisans on practical grounds. They still are dependent upon the human mind and hands for their precise working and maintenance.

The local food to be served by the Robot in a restaurant at Multan, Pakistan, needs the local chef to prepare the food. Moreover, the machine parking cars at Dusseldorf needs the human workers to repair the forklifts used in the automated parking process.

All the processing and maintenance behind these efficient robots in one way or other will require the Artisan’s assistance; to let them work the way these AI fed devices need. Hence, the future of the artisans is not as gloomy as the experts are presuming it. They are still dependant on the humans to carry out various tasks.

At the same time, it is better for humans to be swept off from the drudgery that can quickly be done by robots.

RosponseAI is a new emerging kind of telemarketing software. It can be used to help to lessen the burden on a fair share of the human workload by replacing the needs of a whole call centre. All without any human resource and thus, saving time, money and resources.

RosponseAI with Robots can bring a revolution in the call centre departments as its ideal for hiring, training and recruiting new employees. It has an advanced database that can handle uncountable customer queries with prompt responses.

Who wins the marketing fight between Robots and Artisans?

Yes, the AI revolution has flipped the grounds of marketing for Artisans and Robots. Robots are performing the tasks of Artisans; more advanced Robots are replacing the previous generations and circle continues.

The only problem that created this havoc is the rocky transition. In a very short run, Robots are taking up the tasks of Artisans. As a result, the Artisans are thinking that Robots are Blair’s witch for them, destroying their future and putting it at stake.

The reality is entirely different from the portrayed scenario. It is its job transformation; not the replacement. In Job transformation, none of the two is winning or losing the battle in the field of marketing. The only thing that’s happening due to the AI revolution is the tasks for both are made over. Work for Robots and Artisans are still present. However, are separated and refined according to their capabilities. Robots and Artisans will require each other off and on. 

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