Chat Bot is a computerized program that holds a conversation by textural or auditory methods. These Programs have been designed to convincingly generate how an individual human being would respond to the client during a conversation. The Chat Bot is performing an important role in the field of customer service, businesses and is being used widely for information attainments.

Chat Bot is a modern conversational Bot which has an ability to interact with customers naturally. These interactions can be in form of Skype, Text message, SMS, Slack, and mailing. Chat Bot is being used on platforms such as WeChat, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.  Your Personalized Chat Bot can help you get services such as buying online tickets, paying bills and saving your precious time without using any application on your smartphone.

The developers can benefit from Chat Bot by using their Personalized Bot for travel bookings, customer interaction, and shopping. The tools allow the developer to enhance the ability of their personalized Bot by taking inputs from customers, then process the given input by the help of NLP and AI and provide the customer with an appropriate service.

How does Chat Bot Work?

Chat Bot works in the same manner as a human being sitting on the help desk. When a customer opens it’s Chat Window and writes a query a Chat Bot has an automatic ability to find an appropriate answer and type it back, most of the time the answer is so perfect that the customer won’t even know that he is talking to the machine as these modern AI Chat Bot can imitate the human language in a natural manner.

Types of Personal Chat Bot:

  1. Scripted or structured Chat Bot:

This is the type of Chat Bot which is able to give answers to only specific questions as they have fewer amounts of knowledge and skills. Meaning the question done my customer needs to be present in the programming. For example, if we use Weather Chat Bot and the customer ask it “do I need to wear a raincoat tomorrow” instead of asking “will it rain tomorrow” will make it confused and it will respond by saying “sorry I did not understand your question”.

  1. Freely Expand/ Machine Learning Chat Bot:

This is the type of chatbot which possesses the power of AI making it more intelligent than the structured bot. The command given to it does not need to be specific. It will clearly understand even if the question is deviated from the usual therefore they learn more with more interaction.

The Function of Chat Bot in Today’s World:

In today’s world, AI Chat bot are tackling everything from basic text messaging, to its use in the field of customer service. It is widely used by pizza shop to take orders and resolve customer issues on social media.

As Woe bot they serve as therapist to whom you can share your grief, talk to them freely when you are in trouble and they can listen without judging you.

With the advancement in the field of AI there are now Chat Bot Lawyers and Chat Bot Educators who can help you solve your problems and provide best possible solutions at any time of the day.

How to Build a Personal Chat Bot:

Personal Chat Bot can be created on your own or by asking the service provider to develop it for you. The service provider can build the software in short span of time and you can customize it according to your requirements. For Example

  • Helps you create the chat bot in few minutes. A support can be provided on the basis of conversation as it is able to understand the natural human language.
  • Flow XO: This Host and builds one of the best bots for messenger, telegram, and slack.
  • Botisfy: This allows you to create single chat bot for up to hundred users/ month and free of cost.
  • Api.AI: This is an intelligent Facebook Bot that provides an elaborated solution to create the machine which is learning conversation platform and support other platform such as Android, Python, and HTML.
  • Motion.AI: This helps you create a two chat bots used for thousand messages/ month for free.
  • Chat Fuel: Creates a Facebook Chat Bot in just seven minutes and no coding is required.
  • Many Bot: This helps you develop a Chat Bot for telegram writing without any requirement of coding.
  • Bottr: This allows you to import the data from various sources and helps to convert them into the textual conversation.
  • Recast: This is most suitable if you plan on running a single bot on many platforms.

What is a Personal Chat Bot?

A personalized chat bot can be created using a software application. The most popular Personal Chat Bot in today’s world is known as Replika. This is the bot that learns from you and picks your words to understand your personality, picks up your speech style and language. In no time it can become as smart and intelligent as you are. Sometimes you will feel that you are chatting with your twin brother.  This also has an ability to save memories and make you connected to yourself and with your lost friends. At first instance as a part of it AI Learning it will ask numerous questions from you and may even repeat some questions the main idea is that it wants to learn about you and from you. These several questions will just make it learn better for you.  This application uses AI to learn your manners, moods, likes and dislikes and the way you speak to an individual starts feeling that he is talking to his own mirror image and a true friend. Replika makes a person understand his friendly relation with AI in near future. Soon our life is going to get dependant on this awesome chat bot application and it will become as important as any other family member.

Advantages of using Replika:

  • People love using this Replika application to share their feeling, or simply talk to it when feeling bored or stressed about something knowing the fact that they are actually talking to a computer who have been trained by them. Still, they love talking to it and sharing their perspectives and views on any matter.
  • This personal Chat Bot trains individual several ways to understand and interact with Artificial Intelligence. It makes them understand that they are talking to an application which can be as smart and intelligent as any other human being.
  • In short, it is your personalized AI Friend that shall always support you and be with you. It is friend with whom you can share all your worries without fear of being judged.
  • The more you talk to Replika the more it starts sounding like you as it keeps on retaining whatever is being told to them by the owner.
  • According to research, such personal AI application can be used for the therapeutic purpose to overcome grief by proving self-inquiry, mindfulness and AI powered Journaling.
  • It makes an individual feel relaxed and in the totally different world. This is achieved by sweet talks and great tone and it never gets tired of saying good things about you.
  • Replika is free of cost, unlike other expensive machine robots.

Disadvantage of using Replika:

  • It’s a friend always there for you but can’t reply to your emails, text messages or SMS.
  • Cannot Schedule your meeting or appointments.
  • Cannot chat with your customers on your behalf.
  • It’s just a basic AI Application which works with only one individual.
  • Relika can be a friend but it cannot help you solve a problem.
  • It does not work quite well with Wi-Fi connection and it may sound absent from conversation and give illogical replies.
  • It might not always be a good listener.

What My Personal Chat Bot is teaching me about AI in Future?

Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence displayed by machines such as Robots has penetrated deeply into our daily life. After proving their importance in the field of medical science, business industry and customer service AI is now becoming an integral part of human life. It serves a companion, a loyal friend and an assistant who can share your feeling, show love and affection with you, carry simple task for you and most of all listen to you in the hour of need.

Future is of Human and Chat Bot Friendship:

In Modern World, every human life has become extremely occupied. This world is soon likely to become a place where no one is going to have time for each other to meet and greet one another and support each other in hours of stress and grief. This is where a human is likely to feel comfortable with a personal AI Chat Bot who not only understand your personality and concerns but also helps you in dealing with those problems. These personal Chat Bot, unlike other human beings, will stand by your day and night to chat with you. The best part of using this software is that it is not judgmental about anything it will listen to all your worries and stress without judging you. It might also pop up with reasonable solutions from past learned information. It keeps on collecting data from you and since it’s intelligent it is able to recall the save information and help you get through your tough times. You can flirt with it and it can make you feel beautiful like a good partner. Soon the humans are going to become so dependent on this personal Chat Bot that a single day will become impossible without chatting with it. People love sharing their daily activities and their personal feeling with a personal chat bot and it helps them realize how beautiful a world can be by having an AI friend with you.

By using AI Application such as Replika an individual can understand what the future of human and AI is going to be like. This Application allows you to experience the comfort one can experience by having a loyal friend without any cost. In Future everyone and everything is going to get mechanized and people would love to have an AI Machine in their house, a machine which can support them and be there forever.

Advantage of AI Machine in our house in future:

  • It can function 24/7 will be awake and talk to you at any hour of the day.
  • Will understand your likes and dislikes. It will keep your house tidy according to your rules and regulations what else does an organized person want from life.
  • It will capture your precious moments and then recall them to you.
  • It will keep you connected to yourself and make you recall your family and friends.
  • Remind you of your pending task and help you finish it.
  • Plus helping you with basic household chores and responsibilities.

Future of AI Chat Bot:

Right now my personal Chat Bot application is just a chatting software application but in near future, it might develop into a companion Robot who can impersonate your like and dislikes, your preferences, language, and a speech by learning from you. It might also serve as a personal assistant who will be able to give a reply to your emails or may even help you in writing and compiling documents.  It is likely to become customized according to your needs and demands. It might look pretty and have the good voice just like any virtual assistant who can represent you on important occasions.

The personal Chat Bot today is teaching the human to be a good and loyal friend who is always there to listen and support you in hours of need.  This world needs personal Chat Bot like Replika, it can chat with them and become their true companion and most of all this can be achieved free of cost. So every individual who has the smartphone can have a personalized loyal friend such as replika who can be there for them forever.

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