Opening any business takes a proper planning, commitment and a substantial investment. Not every business can afford to have it setup for their customers. However, the ones who can afford to have it will come to know the far-reaching benefits that their business can enjoy due to such facility that they provide to their customers. It helps in building strong relationship with them and earns their loyalty in return. The process of call centers have become more streamlined as an industry. It enjoys more technological advancement and its market has seen constant and rapid growth.

You have to keep a few things in mind if you want to open a call center that is imperative for it to be successful venture. Here are a few steps that can help you setup a call center for your business.

Business Goals and Objectives

First thing to ponder; why do you want a call center now? Why is the need and why now? It is a huge commitment and you should be very clear on its significance in achieving success as an organisation. Once you set your goals, you can assess whether you have secondary goals or objectives that can help you measure your success in future.

Need for physical or Virtual Call Center

Keeping in mind your resources, you can determine whether you need a physical call center with in-house agents or it will be more feasible for you to have virtual call centers with remote staff to handle customers’ queries. In case you go for physical call center, you have to decide whether there is going to be single location or multiple to set up your services.

Assessment of any operational parameters or constraints

Once you are able to set up physical call center, you need to determine your existing phone system. Whether it would suffice for your current needs or do you need up gradation of the system? You should also know your target clients who will be calling your call centers, as it would affect the call center choices.


Your budget planning should be done way before you set up your call center. You should be aware of minimum and maximum expenditures that you may have to face during and after the setting up process. This helps you determine the numbers of agents you can hire and the kind of calling solution you can use.

Hiring Best Team for your Goals

If your ultimate goal is to increase your sales, your team is going to play a vital role in generating new business. Therefore, you should hire strong sales team with some backup customer service support. They should be well educated, skilled, intelligent, courteous and fluent in whichever language your customers speak.

Train you Team well

You should train your team well in the kinds of inbound calls you are expecting. If your business is already established, it is obvious that such calls are already being answered. You can get that person to train the new entrants about the ways to handle such calls.

These are some of the ways you can adopt to set up your call center. For this, just like any other venture, you should have disaster recovery plan in place to address any adverse situation. In today’s advanced era, using latest technology is more efficient and cost effective way to do business. Softwares like make it cost effective and efficient at the same time to handle calls. All said, whatever way you choose, make sure your keep your eye on the feedback that you get from the customers about the call centres’ efficiency in dealing with them.


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