The rise of Artificial Intelligence has opened up new horizons of technology to us. The pace with which it is stepping into all walks of life, it seems that AI will be our next master in future. Although the benefits it endows to us are simply undeniable. Yet, one cannot entirely rule out the negativities associated with this technology. They say, “For every pro, there is a con.” The same applies to AI as well. There lies a scary side of artificial intelligence, which is yet to be unveiled by many!

Is Artificial Intelligence Entirely Safe?

Presently, AI is in its initial stages of development, having a lot of room for further improvisations. Nonetheless, considering what some of the tech giants and scientists think about AI, we cannot declare this technology as entirely safe.

Elon Musk, one of the most prominent technology entrepreneurs of today favors the advancements of AI. Yet, he has raised his concerns as well about it. “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon”, he says.

Stephen Hawking (late), the famous theoretical physicist, also feared AI. He was not against the smart technological steps, but he was skeptical towards the future of humans after the computers become intelligent, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race.”

On the other hand, Larry Page, one of the two Google men, is in strong support of artificial intelligence. His envisions AI as the future of Google. Many other tech entrepreneurs also view AI as the technology of the future.

However, one cannot decide whether this favoritism to AI is genuinely attributed to its potential, or it is merely because of some secretive business advantages in the tech world! The truth is yet to be revealed.

The Role Of AI In The Corporate Sector

One of the main concerns about the rapid invasion of AI in the business world is its likely replacement of humans. One such example is its fast-paced involvement in the call center industry. Although at present, it is not smart enough to completely eliminate human participation in this niche, the speed with which it is taking over the intermediary processes cannot be omitted.

A real-time application of artificial intelligence is presented by IBM and CISCO, who deliver business-focused intelligent assistants for assisting humans in call centers.

Another illustration of AI in this niche is the development of chatbots and AI-based apps, such as RosponseAI for reducing the contact center workloads.

Although these AI based strategies have significantly enhanced the overall performance of this industry, the predicted future that appears to be predominated by robots and AI is haunting!

What To Conclude?

Well, for the moment, the pros and cons of AI seem giving a tough time to each other. And, collectively, they both are ready to perplex the users. If we look at all the benefits we humans are getting through AI, the technology seems remarkable. However, considering the concerns raised by some popular entrepreneurs, scientists, and studies, which hint towards the probable replacement of humans by the smart technology, we cannot place AI in a green zone for us!

Probably, the words of Stephen Hawking serve as a hint, a warning, and a guideline for all humans about the time when AI will be dominant, “Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years… we need to make sure [that] the computers have goals aligned with ours”.


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