Artificial Intelligence is a specialized intelligence carried out by machines or robots as compared to Human Intelligence. In the world of computer science, Artificial Intelligence devices can perceive its surroundings and carry out measures which maximize its chance to achieve its target. These AI Machines have the ability to learn and solve problems in a successful manner.

Define Chat Bot:

A chat bot is a computerized program that carries out a conversation by textural and auditory methods. It is a software application that copies spoken or written a human language in order to trigger an interaction or conversation with a real human being. It has played a successful role in the field of Customer service and is now performing an important role in the Business industry. Chat Bot processes the given text by a series of a complicated algorithm that helps it understand what the user wants and then it give appropriate response accordingly.  This Chat chat bot has now been equipped along with Artificial Intelligence.

Before the advent of Chat Bot, there were just simple Bots which was software designed to strictly automate only a particular task. While Chat Bot delivers this particular task just around one function such as chat or the simulated conversation.

How to Build Chat Bot/Chat Bot Builder:

According to Principal of Pandorabots Lauren Kunze, there are two methods of building chat bot.

  1. Rule-Based Approach: In this, the customer is handwriting the rules for the system called as hard coding.
  2. Machine Learning: In this, the system learns automatically due to excessive streaming data.

How does Chat Bot Work?

  1. Understand the customer language in the form of plain text and intent the important parameters.
  2. The second step is to process the Intent with the important parameters and conduct the appropriate action in order to continue a dialogue with the customer. This is achieved by subsequent questioning from the customer to last the conversation and the system will gain more data and parameters which will help in providing the right action plan.
  3. Maintain the state and context along with all the parameters saved during the conversation which will help in giving an appropriate result to the customers.

Chat has become the center of focus in this current era of smartphones thus the bots are being utilized to deliver information in an engaging and convenient manner.

Chat bot Examples/Types of Chat Bot:

  1. Chat Bot Evie/ Clever Bot:

This is a chatter bot online application which utilizes AI Algorithm to conduct a conversation with people. Evie is an advanced Artificial Intelligence with a fictional avatar. She is able to talk in various languages and has become extremely popular in the business industry. Chat Bot Evie is also being used widely in the mobile gaming industry, robotics and in customer service.

  1. Live Chat Bot/ Chat Bot Online:

This type of chat bot is also gaining importance in business industry. This type of chat bot is provided by the website like They have experience of various customer interactions across business industry along with the group of machines and AI learning who conduct analyses on customer’s current conversational transcript in order to decide the bot which will be most suitable in there case.

  1. Companion Chat bot:

This helps the patient suffering from Alzheimer disease to initiate conversation and help in monitoring the decline in the patient’s conditions.

  1. Insomnobot3000:

This is a unique conversation agent which chats with people who suffer from a dreadful condition called insomnia. It chats with them till they go to sleep.

  1. Disney and Marvel Chat Bot:

This type of software application is used to target youngsters who love to get involved in solving a mystery or chatting with Marvel characters such as Star-lord.

  1. Food Industry Chat bot:

Food industry like dominos and pizza hut are using chat bot to interact with their customers.

Many Businesses and E-commerce Industry are using Chat Bot to bring a better experience to their customers.

Define Natural Language Processing:

Natural Language processing is an important aspect of AI and Computer Science which interacts with human language which helps in producing a good quality of natural language data.

API.AI.Natural Language Processing

Here are 5 Best Chat Bot and Natural Language Processing Tools used to build Artificial Intelligence for your Business.

  1. Many Chat:

This is a chat bot Facebook messenger which response to the queries of the customer’s automatically all you require for its functionality is a working Facebook page.

Many Chat provides an excellent Chat Bot platform for customers who do not have any prior skills of coding. Therefore these types of Chat bot’s target those business industries which either do not have coding skills or it has fewer skills of coding for example such as digital marketing industry.

This Platform allows the user to create his own bot in less than two minutes simply by pressing the button saying create Bot. The website provides a drag and drop builder that makes it fun to create a personalized Facebook messenger bot without any programming or coding skills.

Many Chat is playing a vital role in marketing, providing customer support and increasing sale of Business Industry using simply just a Facebook Messenger.

The advantage of using Many Chat:

  • Customer Friendly
  • Excellent Marketing Tool
  • Free of Cost

The disadvantage of using Many Chat:

  • Lack of Resources
  • Lack of Customization flexibility.
  1. Chat Fuel:

Chat Fuel was first created by Russian people Artem Ptashnik and Dmitrii Dumik in the year 2015. There are twelve staff members and their base is located in San Francisco and Moscow.

Chat Fuel is a bit smarter and intelligent than another chat bot as it provides its users with news which help them in narrowing down on the particular topics and just simply make queries regarding people or items present in the news. The main objective of this chat Fuel is to keep you up to date about your topics of interest. This can be achieved simply by subscribing your favorite author or topic and a bot will automatically keep you posted about the things you are interested in.  For example, you can subscribe snap chat, Twitter or Facebook and Chat Fuel will keep you posted on these topics.

These properties have made Chat Fuel a supreme contributor in chat bot platform. They have earned this top position because of their hard work and dedication. The moderators are always there to give the answer to any queries of Chat Fuel Facebook Community thus making them the Best Chat bot of the year 2017.

The advantage of Using Chat Fuel:

  • Customer Friendly.
  • Accommodate 3rd party plugin.
  • Supportive community.
  • Flexibility to customize.
  • Good for those who don’t have prior coding experience.

The biggest advantage of using Chat Fuel is that it provides an excellent balance between customer friendly solutions and advance customizes coding. Therefore if you’re Business Artificial Intelligent Solutions requires a customization in future then you should opt for Chat Fuel.

The disadvantage of Using Chat Fuel:

  • Incomplete marketing tools.
  • Limited incorporation to conversation mediums.
  1. Conversable:

Conversable is software as a service based AI conversational Platform which is situated in Austin and Dallas located in Texas. It allows its user to manufacture, design, distribute and generate automated intelligent response via conversations on any voice platform or messaging channels such as Twitter, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo and SMS.

TGI Fridays, Budweiser, Pizza Hut, Shake Shack, 7-Eleven, Sam’s Club and CES are some of the biggest users of Conversable Chat Bot.

How Conversable work?

  • Design the conversation.
  • Build the conversation.
  • System integration.
  • Supervised learning from the Clients.
  • Expansion of conversation by adding, optimizing and cross-linking over time.
  • Advanced AI: this is achieved by asking the customer to add business rules to make an intelligent conversation.

The advantage of using Conversable Tool:

  • This Chat bot is the best platform for huge business companies.
  • It provides a connection to conversational channels.

The disadvantage of using Conversable Tool:

  • Not suitable for those having small or medium-size business setup.
  • It is Not a Customer Friendly Tool.
  1. Dialog Flow:

Dialog flow is popularly known as and it is being used to perform an important role in Business development.

How does work?

API AI is a developer of computer-human interaction technologies owned by Google and has been created for Natural Language Processing. It is famous for manufacturing Speaktoit Assistant, iOS, Windows Smart Phones and Virtual friend for Android which answers the queries of users in natural language and performs different tasks. It has recently added some new features of retaining prior conversations, user favorites search and locations. It integrates with various bot platforms such as Kik, Messenger, Alexa, Cortana, Facebook, and Slack.

The most interesting thing about it has an automatic build in knowledge about various topics like Weather, apps, wisdom and short talks which means it has an ability to understand everything without a specialized training and then provide an appropriate response message which can be used as the next conversation your bot will talk. It has thirty-five domains which support English Language and provide semi-support for other six languages.

What has made Dialog Flow Number One Chat bot?

  • It provides integration to text as well as voice Artificial Intelligence applications to Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • It will help in building any form of AI Application for users which will be compatible with their smartphones, Internet of things or Google home ecosystems.
  • Besides being compatible with all these excellent platforms it also provides text integration for Twitter, telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twilio and Slack.

          Advantages of using Dialog flow:

  • It provides integration to various Conversation platforms.
  • It is most advanced Natural Language Processing.
  • It provides free user plan.
  • Plus they are exportable agents.

          The disadvantage of using Dialog flow:

  • The only disadvantage of using dialog flow is a large number of available languages.
  1. Gup Shup:

Gup shup is world’s highly advanced messaging and both platforms. It allows the developers to quickly create deploy, manage and test chat bots across every messaging platform. Their head office is located in Silicon Valley and they are being used by 30000 business emporium throughout the globe which includes big organizations like Facebook, Twitter, OLA, Flipkart, ICIC, Zee TV and HDFC.

Gup Shup has a huge library of voice, SMS, text and Natural Language Processing API’s.

The advantage of Using Gup Shup:

  • It has got easy integration with conversational platforms.
  • It’s a free plan.
  • It provides a huge library of API’s.

The disadvantage of using Gup shup:

  • The dashboard of Gup shup is UI / UX Designed.
  • Not friendly for all users.

These are 5 top chat bot and NLP Tools which according to me are the best tools that can be used to build Artificial Intelligence for your Business. The advantages and disadvantage of each tool have also been clearly mentioned to make it easy for you to choose the best tool for your Business. Beside these Chat Bot and NLP tools, there is a website called which provides the user AI, Cognitive coding facility and computing ability which will help them in improving the investment and helps the financial business industry.

After performing a key role in Customer Service Artificial intelligence is now penetrating into the Business industry and playing a vital role in the success and good management of all businesses. This can be achieved by simply choosing the right chat bot and natural language processing tools for your business. The Chat Bot has become an essential software tool which has an ability to plug into a number of data sources by API to deliver services or information on demand, for example, provide Breaking News and Weather forecast.  The greatest advantage of using Chat Bot is that it has an ability to approach a large audience using messenger application and it also has a capability to automate the personalized text. On various occasions, they have proved to be more efficient than humans thus being a perfect choice for building and expanding your small, medium or big businesses.


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