Artificial Intelligence, or AI (as it is popularly known), is gaining significance within the marketing world. This is because there is fierce competition in the market, and business owners are looking to adopt newer ways to gain an edge over their competitors. But what exactly is this AI? How can it be used to revolutionize any marketing campaign? Let’s have a look at this phenomenon below.

From as long as we can remember, marketing has remained the focal point of business owners. However, despite having the same purpose for years, its strategies have gone through an evolution, and the ones that have stood against various tests have prevailed. Nowadays, as per the requirements of current times, social media marketing strategies are quite in vogue, and business owners are looking to having quite a few in their arsenal in order to generate more leads for their company. In doing so, they have been experimenting with various techniques, the latest of which is implementing AI algorithms to their systems.

These AI algorithms are made up of complicated codes, which are designed to perform various functions simultaneously and in very less time when compared to similar actions done manually. In simpler words, artificial intelligence denotes using computers to do tasks that would have otherwise been handled by humans. Despite their complex nature, these AI systems are making an entrance within the social media marketing scene, and many companies have made the switch already. This has also sped up due to the emergence of technical companies, such as the RosponseAI, that are dedicated to providing AI-based solutions to business owners of all sizes and backgrounds.

If we look through the last decade, the growth in social media marketing has been huge. Particularly in the last five years, business owners have made heavy investments in this aspect, which have proven to be quite worthwhile as well. This is because people all over the world are more readily available on various social media platforms than anywhere else. They not only use them for personal leisure but also expect to find their favorite brands on these channels too. Hence, it was only a matter of time before most companies joined popular social media platforms, and made their presence felt loud and clear.

While it is important for business owners to implement the latest social media marketing strategies, doing so rightly is of greater significance. The following are some of the things that marketers should consider before deciding to make use of a certain marketing plan.

Keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your intended audience, and shape up your content accordingly

In order to gain the attention of your potential clients, you must first get an insight into the type of content that they are most likely to read or view. But how can you do this? The answer is not that difficult to implement, and you would have to go through the profiles of some of your competitors and assess the content that they publish. It may also be worthwhile to actually study their clients if you can so that you can get all the information that you require.

Once you have gathered sufficient data for your use, later on, you can actually analyze it, and come up with content that will help you gain more leads. This is important since studies have shown that marketing campaigns that have specifically been designed keeping in mind the potential audience have a greater scope of performing well as compared to others that have been implemented with less research.

This technique will not only help you in reaching out towards your potential clients but will also save you time and other resources. When competition is fierce, then your best bet is to use your resources as optimally as you can.

Go through your records and analyze all the customer interactions that you’ve ever had

While this may seem like a crazy idea, it is actually worth a lot and can help you gain insights into what your customers may or may not like. This is because even if you go through the emails that you have exchanged with your clients, you will be able to gather information on their preferences or the questions that they normally have. Once all of this data has been collected, you can have it compiled and analyzed by your marketing executive. The resulting information can then be incorporated into your blog post or other posts that you may publish throughout your social media profiles. This will not only help existing clients but by using the right mix of keywords, you can easily target your intended audience too.

In addition to going through emails, you may also study other modes of communication that you have with your clients, such as their comments on your posts. Also, you can question your customer care staff that is in touch with your clients round the clock to gain valuable information regarding the queries that they normally have. This is an excellent means of gaining an insight into your clients’ perspective.

Make sure to have your presence felt through regular updates on your social media profiles

Having a social media profile is not the most important bit, but maintaining it in a relevant manner is of significance. That’s right! You can have a dozen accounts here and there, but they are of no use if your company’s presence isn’t felt through them on the Internet. So what can you do to maintain your social media accounts? Read on to find more on this.

In order to keep your social media accounts alive, you must publish relevant material every now and then in order to keep your clients updated. Also, you must interact with your clients on a regular basis, by replying to their comments, and answering their queries in such a manner that they are satisfied. Your inbox messages must never be left unanswered and should be replied to promptly.

These are some of the tips that can be applied to any social media marketing campaign to make it more successful. However, gathering data and analyzing it, especially if a business is on a big level, is easier said than done, and can be very troublesome, especially because handling so much information can be difficult. Also, human handling is prone to errors, and you cannot always have accurate results when so much data is dealt with manually. So what can you do in order to solve this issue? It’s quite simple! Implement AI algorithms within your system, and your work will be reduced by many folds, and efficiency will improve as well.

Need to know how is AI used in social media marketing? Let us shed more light on this below

Instead of hiring humans and swamping them with work, why don’t you hire AI as your social media manager? Haven’t heard of such a thing before? Well, that’s difficult to believe, since many companies are making the switch, and incorporating AI algorithms within their system. These efficient and complex algorithms will not only make your marketing team’s work much easier but also reduce its size, saving you lots of money as well. This is because by using this system, your computers will do much of the work that is otherwise done manually by hiring an unnecessary number of employees.

As mentioned earlier in the article, AI algorithms can perform many functions simultaneously and that too in a timely manner. This is the reason why marketers are incorporating them in various ways within their strategies, some of which are mentioned below.

Gathering information from relevant sources

Collecting relevant information is very important in order to put in place the most appropriate social media marketing strategy. While this task can be managed by humans, it can be quite daunting and difficult to manage, since handling data is no piece of cake. So instead, you can make use of an AI system, such as the ones designed by RosponseAI, which will give you your desired data in less time, and in an error-free way. This is because such a system is capable of cutting short manual work, and going through a large database in a matter of minutes or even seconds while extracting the information that you need.

In addition to collecting all the relevant information for your business, an AI system will also display it in a manner that is easy to interpret for you and your marketing executives.

Using AI in Social Media Analytics

While gathering relevant data is important, applying marketing analytics to it is of greater significance. This is because raw data is of no use until and unless some meaningful results can be drawn out of it. For this, again, you can make use of an AI system, one that will make your work easier, and give you results in a matter of seconds. The system, such as the one designed by RosponseAI, is so quick in assessing data and displaying results that you will be surprised yourself.

Apart from analyzing data, you would also want to assess the marketing strategies that you have in place. This is because you only want to invest in techniques that are working to get you more leads, and others, that aren’t paying off much, need to be replaced, as they are a waste of your resources. This is where an AI system comes in, as it will give you the exact information that you need. By employing Artificial Intelligence to keep a check on your social media marketing strategies, you will be able to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors.

Replying to your clients in a timely manner

This counts as good customer service and will work towards generating more leads for your business. This is because once you put your products out on the market, and advertise them, there will be many people messaging you to get more information. Also, once you have a strong social media presence, your accounts will be swarmed with queries and order requests. Since replying to each and every query right away is not humanly possible, and will require you to hire many people just for this purpose, why don’t you let AI handle your clients for you?

Although it is a fairly new concept at the moment, many business owners are already making the switch to automated chatbots, which are capable of sending replies in both generic and personalized manners. Such is the complexity of an Artificial Intelligence system; it will assess the tone of the conversation being held and respond accordingly. Also, these chatbots are capable of sending automated messages to all of your clients. Using this feature, you can spread information about a new product launch or anything else in a matter of seconds.

Such a system, especially if designed by RosponseAI, will help you save on a lot of resources and manage your customer relations in an effective manner. Furthermore, many business owners are employing Artificial Intelligence within their call centers in numerous ways. In fact, many call centers owned by businesses are being run using AI!

Managing your online reputation using AI algorithms

While having an active social media presence is important for your marketing campaigns, it is also necessary that you take care of the content that circulates on your profiles. Apart from the content that you publish, it includes the comments and queries that your clients or other people post. In order to enjoy a good reputation online, you must have a regulatory system that controls the flow of content on your social media profiles.

So how can you do this? The answer, again, is employing an AI-powered filtering system, that sweeps through your social media accounts, and catches even the slightest form of negativity before it spirals right out of hands. This way, you can take care of a situation even before it arises, and save your business’s good name online.

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