Artificial Intelligence is among the leading technologies of today, taking over our everyday tasks massively. Its range of applications and ease of use is rightly driving it to be the technology of the future. AI is deemed necessary by certain tech entrepreneurs as well. For instance, Larry Page of Google considers AI to be Google’s future. Whereas, we also see a rapid influx of AI-based apps and tools stepping into the corporate world for speeding up processes, like RosponseAI – a call center app.

Realizing the realm of AI today, several reports have been published about how artificial intelligence and machine learning will rule us in future. In one such recent report, several speculations have been about the companies and regions topping up the AI world in future, precisely, by 2023. This report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets recently. According to this report, North America will surprisingly lead the global AI market share with a 34% share by 2023.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in North America 2018 to 2023

Recently, a report surfaced online about the status of Artificial Intelligence in North America. It mainly evaluates AI marketplace including the leading firms, use cases, various AI solutions and the integration of AI into multiple apps, services and products to serve the industries.

The report has also made some predictions about the software, hardware, and other related services exploiting AI for industrial benefits. These forecasts include various niches where AI could be applied to accelerate industrial practices, such as Industrial Machines and Robotics, Agriculture, Billing and Settlements, Energy Management, Connected Vehicles, Entertainment, Medical and Health Sector, Military and Security, Networking, Smart Appliances and Gadgets, Wearables, and a lot more.

The prime reason behind such an extensive report about the future of artificial intelligence specifically in North America is the emergence of most AI-based tools from top technology firms. For instance, we have seen several bots, and software for advanced predictive analytics and other procedures from IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Siemens.

Main Findings Of the Report

The report was a comprehensive one, revealing several things about AI in North America by 2023. Here we list some key points for a quick review.

  • North America will be leading the AI market by 2023 with possession of 34% market share.
  • The ratio of growth of IoT vs. non-IoT devices will be approximately same by 2023.
  • AI will witness significant growth as the business content generated by various Smart Machines will reach about 30% by 2023.
  • AI will be proactively involved in Manufacturing industry by 2023, the key areas of the application being Energy, Activity, Temperature Monitoring and other such niches.
  • The second major AI-driven domain may emerge to be Product Recommendation and Planning.

Who Will Benefit From This Report?

The report endows several benefits to the people, the key advantage being the prediction about AI advancements in the next five years, particularly in North America. The following sectors may be primarily benefited from the findings of this report.

  • AI firms and organizations
  • Robotic firms
  • Investments companies
  • Industrial automation firms
  • Data management dealers
  • Enterprise across entire industry verticals

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