Our world is becoming more digital every day, and with that so does our daily lives. E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop.

All of us have a particular skill we excel in than others, and there are some who excel in skills that can be profited off if used correctly. Some examples being people who are knowledgeable in fashion, DIY crafts, art. Most of them aren’t able to pursue a career in such fields because of various reasons. However, with the advent of technology, it has become possible for these people to profit from their unique skills by dealing with e-commerce.

One can open their store page on any social media in a matter of moments these days and market their creations, and if they are unique enough; it’s more than likely that someone is willing to purchase it at the right price. Although it’s easier than ever to sell your creations; you’re gravely mistaken if you think it’s that easy as you need preparation. There is immense competition in the e-commerce space for one, and to compete with such a large number of people, you need to have everything planned and hope that everything goes as planned.

Below are seven things you must look into practicing if you are planning to pursue your dreams. For today, we will look into the things you should practice to lure people:


  1. Call for confirmation after delivery

You probably think that this is a hassle, and it is; for you and sometimes for the customer as well. However, it’s worth it especially if you are starting out, as you can directly ask for feedback and help them right away if they are dissatisfied. Any kind of feedback when you are starting out is essential to growing your business. After the customer receives their product, call them to ask, whether they got their product or not and if they are dissatisfied with the product. They will know that you value them as a customer. Be careful not to pester them too much.

  1. Have a proper return policy and let your customers know about it.

Having a return policy is pretty much as important as opening your store. People are trusting you if they are making a purchase and you need to assure them that they will not be ripped off. Many may also be making their first e-commerce purchase from you, and most of them will be scared about it; their worries are all justified. Remember the first time you were allowed to travel on your own, wasn’t it scary? For this reason, having and following a proper return policy is invaluable as it will not only assure customers but also mean that more people will be willing to make a purchase. Moreover, your terms should be dictated somewhere easily visible like on the front of the page, and you must explain the words to any of your customers that asks, as many times as needed. Almost every store nowadays has a return policy. Some stick to a week and others around ten days or even more.


  1. Package the products properly

Packaging is an aspect that is ignored by many stores yet this is one of the most critical point of dealing in e-commerce. You are sending something that costs a few hundred times more than it will take to package it properly, and you are not only putting your customer’s money on the line but also yours. Just imagine for a moment that what if the customer’s never purchases from you out of dissatisfaction for the packaging, and that customer may have become a regular for you had you just spent a bit more money to pack it properly. Moreover, without proper packaging these days, many shipping companies will not give you insurance in case your product gets lost. So always package the products correctly and with as much needed to keep them safe. No comprises here.


  1. Try to be meaningful with packaging

Packaging is often thrown out by the customer because they tear the package to get the contents out. That’s quite a waste as most packaging can be reused in some form or other by the customer. For that reason, it’s a neat idea to design the packaging to reuse it. Such as printing a line to cut open plastic bags, and some text is printed there to encourage the customer to re-use the bag. Such small deeds affect the customer subconsciously and would make them more likely to shop again.


  1. Ask for reviews

Asking for reviews is beneficial as it will provide authentication for future customers, and also build a better connection with the customer. We are more likely to buy from a store that has more reviews as it gives us a confirmation that this store is not scamming. When you ask for reviews, you remain in touch with your customers as well, and this will build a friendly atmosphere even after the transaction has taken place. The customer will be more likely to shop again because they will be more comfortable dealing with you.


  1. Giving discounts

Now, who wouldn’t be happy to get a discount? I know I will be satisfied. Providing a reasonable discount to a customer, when they have shop above a price limit will impact the customer’s mind subconsciously and make more likely to spend more. They also feel more attracted and are more likely to shop again. However, giving a discount to each person can prove to be a loss for the store. Plan before providing any discount and be smart; you can infer your product prices, and then deduct them later in the cut. This way it’s a win-win situation for both, the customer and the store.


  1. Promotional Items

We all love gifts. Probably the most effective way impress your customer is by giving them something they weren’t expecting. It doesn’t have to be necessarily something expensive. It can be some stationary, chocolate, or even a simple bookmark. It illustrates to them that the store genuinely cares about their customers. Moreover, it leaves a deep and pleasant impression on their minds. A good example can be the strategies used by rosponseai.com, having great promotional items for the buyers.

Technology has transformed our lives in ways that we couldn’t have imagined even a decade ago, and we must use these blessings wisely.

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