In this digital age, feedback is easily acquired yet actually understanding what to do with it is vital to drive your business.

Feedback is a popular marketing term that is being used by every Brand. Feedback describes the process of receiving the information provided by clients. It is about whether they are happy or unhappy with a product or service or about the general experience they had with a company. Their opinion is a useful method for improving customer service and to adjust your actions according to their needs.  According to a data collection, 59% of people share poor customer experiences online.

Today, Feedback and reviews have become so important that every brand is using different mean to obtain them. Whether the band is small or big, Feedback is necessary for the improvement of your product or service. This improvement will increase your sales.

With the new revolutionary wave of the internet, receiving feedback has become much more accessible. There are numerous ways you can obtain customer feedback and make a profit from it.

Nowadays, it is imperative for any brand to create a loving relationship with the customer. It is the advice of many marketing gurus that forming a bond with your customer helps to grow your business over time. That is because the customers of this age, are looking for a more emotional experience. It is essential to know the factors that drive your customers towards the decisions they make.

Let us look at those factors:

  • Emotional Influencers: If we focus on the generations of people, we will notice that each have their demands and expectations on how a business should operate. For example, the global information company Nielsen has found in recent research that millennials’ values include green living and sustainability. They are more likely to choose and support companies that are eco-friendly.
    Brands are more likely to find success if they pay attention to these values of their audience. It can often be what makes them stand out from their competition.


  • Take feedback gracefully : Feedback helps a company or brand to make sure to meet the expectation of their customers. Companies try to extract input through different means such as surveys, forms, reviews or social media. Some unhappy customers will give negative feedback which can prove to be beneficial.In some companies, the key people tend to ignore this feedback due to emotional reasons. Sometimes, they will go out of their way to express their opinions, and that can have a considerable effect on the reputation of the brand. Many brands go out of business due to how they take criticism. The digital age allows information to spread like fire and one mishap from your personnel can become a point of notice for the entire world. Therefore, it is essential that feedback of all kinds gripped gracefully.


  • Customer experience: According to a survey, 68% of people switch to another brand because of subpar experience. People willingly pay extra for a comfortable time and expertise. No-one wants to spend their money on a company that is terrible at dealing with their customers. When they see that customer care is a top priority, then they find the company more reliable.


  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction flicker competition for customer loyalty. It’s an Assessment that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. You need to make sure to give your customers a voice. It can be conducted by Surveys which let your customers tell you exactly what’s on their mind. Popular brands make use of the internet and send their products to famous personalities. To get a review which will influence many more. When Brand cornerstone of delivering what customers want, long-term growth becomes a lot more achievable.


  • Product quality: Quality of your product comes as a no-brainer. It is essential that the quality of your product be at the very least reasonable. If it is subpar, then the customer experience will never be positive. Surveys have revealed that customers are generally willing to forgive and overlook many aspects, so long the product is of high quality. It is imperative that you aim to increase the quality of your products over time.


  • Convenience: Shoppers of this age demand high-quality amenities. For example, complimentary Wi-Fi in significant stores is a need for customers. They are likely to make this a point of note in their reviews. However, the businesses will benefit over time if they are providing such services. As surveys have revealed that customers are willing to spend more when provided with such facilities. It also helps to create an emotional relationship with the customer. Which, as we mentioned before, is likely to make them more loyal to your brand.


  • Customer engagement: Surveys have revealed that making your customer engagement with your brand, have proven to be highly successful in retaining your customer. You can do this by having a robust online presence such as having an app among others. You need to reward them in return for buying from your store, in the form of coupons or some small gifts. Starbucks is an example, as they use technology for active customer engagement.


  • Transparency: Consumers are thriving to become responsible citizens of the world, and they expect the same from corporations. They are doing their homework. They are checking labels before buying. They are looking at websites for information on business and manufacturing practices. They are paying attention to public opinion on specific brands in the news or on social media. Moreover, with the rise in the digital age, it’s never easier for them to gather that information. Brands don’t have the choice of hiding anymore. They need to be transparent about their practices if they want their business to survive overtime.


    The technology have advanced immensely that have reduced the workload. RosponseAI is a ground-breaking software that utilizes the intelligence of AI for Market Research.   It is not a one-time process. So, Brands must listen to their customers and work according to their feedback to stay ahead of their expectations. Customer feedback is everywhere. Run surveys and search for reviews. Never overlook any comment about your products or services. Customers run your brand so valuing their opinion is a Necessary factor. Your clients will cherish that you value their opinion. It will help in developing healthy relations with Customers.

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