With the advancement in the field of Science and technology, Artificial intelligence has been proving its worth in all major fields of life. This includes Computer sciences, Automation industry, Education, Finance and Economics, Law, Manufacturing industry, Video games industry, Business industry, Customer service and now the health care system is also benefiting from AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an intelligence which is similar to human intelligence displayed by computerized machines. The process demonstrated by AI includes reasoning, learning, and auto-correction. Some advance AI machines can display process of machine vision and speech recognition.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence was first introduced by a great computer scientist named John McCarthy. In the modern times, it’s performing a major role in saving a huge amount of data for many industries thus causing an increase in business efficiency as AI can perform certain tasks such as recognizing similar patterns in the given data more effectively than human beings thus allowing the business to make better use of the provided data.

Type of Artificial Intelligence:

There are two main types of AI:

Weak/ Narrow AI: This is Artificial Intelligence which has been created and trained only for specific tasks. For example personal virtual assistant like Apple Siri’s.

General/Strong AI: This is Artificial Intelligence which has general human cognitive sense, therefore when provided with a new task it is intelligent enough to resolve it.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in improving Business Intelligence:

  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Business industry: Business Industry these days use AI in the form of Robotic Process Automation which helps in performing tasks which require continuous repetition which was earlier conducted by humans. AI algorithm is being installed into CRM and Analytic platforms which will help in revealing information on how to serve the customer in the best way. AI Chat Bot also helps in providing immediate customer support.


  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education: AI is being used in the educational institution to provide extra support to the students and allow students to learn better at their own pace and with better resources.


  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Finance industry: AI is being used in the finance industry to collect information and even give great financial advice.


  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Law: AI automated programmes provide great law-related assistance to customers on the basis of the data provided by them.


  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry: AI automated Robots are being used by manufacturing industry to decrease the human workforce.


  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Industry: The main idea of using AI in Health Care Industry is to reduce the workforce and bring better outcomes for patients.

Why Health Care Needs AI for Improving Business Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating in the field of Medical science and is helping in bringing great improvement to this business industry in the following manner:

  • Role of AI as Virtual Assistant:

The AI Virtual Assistant can effectively help the patients suffering from dementia. It keeps on sending reminders to them, so they can take their medications on specified time. Such AI virtual Assistant can also give the right advice to patients suffering from common illnesses and can also provide a Diet Chart to patients suffering from obesity, hypertension or diabetes. Virtual Assistant can also help the doctors in monitoring their patients and engaging with them in a better way. This AI assistant automatically sends a reminder to patients to recollect their medications from the pharmacy and recommend them precautionary health screening.

  • Role of AI in providing the accurate diagnosis:

In today’s World AI is playing an important role in providing accurate diagnosis to patients on the basis of their History, Lab tests, Scans, and X-ray reports. For Example, a special AI machine can detect cancer cells in a suspicious nodule thus making it easier for doctors to provide patients with a quick diagnosis and earlier treatment. This will help in reducing the number of deaths due to delayed diagnosis of cancer. That day is not far when AI software and application will be available on your smartphones and it will help you scan your moles or skin lesions for any abnormality or cancer cells

This is possible because of AI’s ability to retain a large amount of data and using that data in making an early diagnosis of disease.

  • Role of AI Health Care Chat Bots in Medical Science:

Health Care chatbots are playing a vital role in the medical field by answering medically related queries and assist patient in managing right medications and there recommended dose. These health Bots have been specialized to conduct an empathetic chat with patients, learn to talk to humans, incorporate NLP and perform some complex task of reading hand notes and even barcodes.

  • Other Roles of AI in Health Care:

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the field of health sciences:

  1. Designing treatment or therapy program.
  2. Assisting in repetitive actions, generate alerts and reminders to patients and health providers.
  3. Providing online consultations.
  4. Using the attractive avatars and animations to teach medical sciences and create awareness.
  5. Create Medications.
  6. Analyzing medical data and records
  7.  Companion robotics for dementia patients.
  8. Analyzing Heart sounds to predict earlier detection of Cardiac Arrest.

The Advantage of Using AI in Health Care System:

Application of AI in Health Care system has enhanced the communication between the healthcare provider and the patient. This mainly helps in improving the ability to store and process a large number of data in an appropriate and intelligent way. It translates the provided data into appropriate functional tools which can assist the health providers.

  • Virtual Presence/ Virtual Assistance:

In this modern era of smartphones and advanced gadgets, this Virtual AI assistant provides a quick and real-time answer to all the questions. A Patient can just pop up online and talk to Virtual Assistant about their medical condition and they will be provided with accurate answers and get complete information about their condition. The system can also generate reminders to take medications, visit their Physicians and pass on health record to their health provider. This system can also benefit physicians by providing them with accurate data regarding patient so they can provide medications accordingly.

This AI Virtual Assistant allows the doctors to provide health advice to patients who live in remote areas. This type of assistance is popularly known as Telemedicine.

  • AI helps in providing Advanced Medications and Treatment:

AI is being used by many health providers to improve and manage treatment plan, monitor the treatment and providing better treatment options.

AI can help the doctors to identify the life-threatening conditions at an earlier stage via medical scan, CT or MRI scans, X-rays and Ultrasound thus helping them to choose correct treatment options for the patient instead of waiting for weeks for the correct results to come. Because of AI’s ability to retain information and learning from previous cases, it is proving to be beneficial in health care system.

  • AI helps in Providing Reduction In Cost:

AI has an ability to improve patients outcome by forty percent and decrease the overall treatment cost by 50%. In the modern Era, patient can get assistance and prescription from a doctor while sitting at home which helps in cutting down the cost. All a patients need to do is to keep their data log and medical records up to date. This method of keeping health records up to date will also keep the doctors informed about the patient’s health who can follow them up and prevent them from readmission into the hospital. These AI applications are helping the Health Care Industry to save billions of dollars each year.

  • AI helps in providing accurate Treatment Plan:

Another important benefit of AI in the field of health care system is that it is helping the doctors to provide an accurate treatment plan for each patient. This can be achieved by searching the medical databases such as patient’s history, health records, lab tests and prescriptions which can help him create a best possible treatment plan for that patient. Plus they can also get information about how other doctors treated the particular health condition, which can also assist them in providing accurate support and treatment plan for their patient.

  • AI helps in Decreasing the Risk of Human Error:

Medical Profession is an extremely sensitive profession it demands the doctor to be empathetic, understanding, alert and considerate towards every patient. But for a human body sometimes it can become tiring which might result in poor judgment ending up in an inappropriate treatment to patients thus risking their life. To overcome this human error an AI system of human spell checker has been established which can help the physicians in removing human errors and free them from time taking and monotonous tasks. In the field of medical science, Artificial Intelligence is performing a major role to assist the physicians in the struggle to decrease the rate of mortality.

  • Role of AI Surgical Robots in the health care system:

Surgical Robots are playing an important role in healthcare setup. This AI robot provides the surgeons with better visualization, comfort, and precision during complicated surgical procedures. These AI robots helps in reducing patient’s post-operative pain by making smaller incisions thus minimizing the need of analgesics and decreasing the hospital cost and stay.

  • Role of AI Robots in Radiology:

Radiosurgery is the latest medical field which is taking over the world mainly because of its ability to provide non-invasive treatments patients suffering from benign or malignant melanoma. This utilizes the radio and computer-guided method of detecting and removing the tumors from any part of the body. Plus it generates an only minimal amount of radiation to a malignant tumor thus decreasing the risk of damaging the adjacent normal tissues.

The Challenges Faced by Health Care System to Accept Artificial Intelligence:

The main challenges which are creating a barrier for AI to penetrate into Health Care system are the resistance offered by some health care providers. Therefore it is important to conduct seminars for the doctors and medical students to convey knowledge about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science so the AI technologies can learn more and get smarter.

The next challenge is to train the patients and the health providers to make use of AI. This can be achieved by educating them the benefits of using Artificial intelligence in Health Care Setup.

The third Challenge is the Data created by Artificial Intelligence needs to get constantly approved by FDA before applying in a health care system.

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be beneficial in many fields of human life and it is expected to bring a huge advantage to our health care system. This has become possible in just a short span of time as the field of Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly and is penetrating into various industries. It has started proving to be successful in Health Care industry because of its ability to analyze and collect a large amount of data, plus Artificial Intelligence can yield accurate and faster diagnosis for a greater number of people. Health Care industry needs AI to decrease the cost and bring better prognosis to patients. This is achieved by a correct and earlier diagnosis of life-threatening conditions. The patients are encouraged and educated to maintain their online health records so the doctors can review and call the high-risk patients for evaluation which helps in decreasing the Mortality rate. There are certain unsolved Risk Factors of using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare system therefore unfortunately despite all this advancement and convenience up till now the physicians and surgeons cannot completely rely on Artificial Intelligence to treat their patients they have to use their knowledge to validate the data provided by Artificial Intelligence System to gain accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment and medications to their patients.


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