Today, the trend of hiring offshore call centers is rising in the US and the UK. This action certainly saves a lot of money to the businesses. Particularly, the startup businesses look up this phenomenon as a safe escape to establish their customer care center on a minimal budget. Nevertheless, this need to be considered whether cutting down on costs is cutting your customers too. Offshore accent in call center agents is at times responsible to affect the quality of leads generated.

Obviously, there lies a difference between the native accent and a non-native one. The reason why the entrepreneurs in the developed countries are hiring call center services from the other part of the world is that they arrange an entire setup dedicated to attending their clients at any time. However, they entirely ignore the difference of accents which may affect their business as well.

How Does The Accent Influence A Conversation?

For call centers, accent plays a key role in conversations. A client calling from the western part of the world may not be familiar with the typical Asian (such as the Indian) accents. Similarly, people in Asia are not good at picking up foreign or native accents. As a result, a client saying the word “what is the progress so far?” may be heard by an agent as “what ease the progress sofa?” You can see how the conversation is being twisted by 180 degrees!

In such situations, the call center agent may not be in a position to respond appropriately. Same goes for the client as well. He may get confused about to whom he is talking too. A customer may also feel being unimportant for a company since he’s been attended by someone not actually a part of the company. Consequently, you end up losing your customers.

Artificial Intelligence to Resolve Accent Barriers At Call Centers

Initially, the people were being trained for American or British accents before joining a call center. This training significantly played a role to remove language and accent barriers. But, today, no one is as free to conduct such exercises. Everyone is in a rush to move at the same pace as the world goes. Moreover, call centers in India and the developing countries are unable to afford such training on a mass scale.

So what should be done?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence that is addressing these issues as well. With the development of dedicated applications, such as the RosponseAI, now there is no need to hire a large staff for a single duty. Nor you have to worry about the accent variations.

Let’s dig into RosponseAI as an example. This AI app thrives pretty well to replace human CSRs. It alleviates the need to hire tens or hundreds of agents merely to attend your customers. Nor you have to spend much on satisfying them with employee benefits or to improve their skills by recurrent training. With RosponseAI, you can handle all your customers with ease. Since the app is dedicated to dealing with clients, you will indeed not have to worry about miscommunications due to the differences in accents.

Wrapping It All

Dealing customers efficiently is the prime goal of all businesses to sustain their positions in the market. However, spending millions on various call centers, or losing customers due to cheap call center services is a paradox for your business. Nonetheless, with Artificial Intelligence, you can now generate and increase your leads by responding to them promptly and accurately through dedicated AI apps, such as the RosponseAI.


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