Despite all the modern ways of promotional advertising, telemarketing is still much needed. Even now, direct communication with the customer is the most suitable tip to bring their interest towards your business. Therefore, to employ telemarketing strategies in the best way is the only challenge for the call center department. Their principal goal is to reach new customers, generate effective leads, and finally upgrade the sale. This all requires experience and best convincing power to gain customer attention towards your product via phone call.

The telemarketing tips and tricks do not only include cold calling in which you try to convince the customer by describing the features of the product or service. This alone will not benefit you at all. To get the best leads for accelerating the sales requires a long-term relationship, which you cannot gain by just cold calling. In fact, it needs a continuous contact with the customer.

So, here comes the harder part of telemarketing- follow up phone call after service or product promotion. It does not only mean to contact the customer again and again. However, many times it happens that the buyer contacts you but the call was missed. So, calling the customer back and give a quick response is also included in the follow up call category.

Let’s dig out about the telemarketing follow up strategy and its importance in increasing the company’s sale.

Why Are Follow Up Calls To Customers Important?

A follow up call indicates that you actually care for your customers and want to establish a meaningful relationship rather than just promoting your business. It is the ultimate way to let the customer realize that you will not end the association after completing the transaction. Rather you desire to stay connected for long in future. In this way, not only the sales cycle starts rolling, but you get the active leads too.

Building The Trust

Trust building is the basic need of every relation, whether in a routine life or corporate world. Follow up calls to customers with no further promotion of any other product or service pose a positive impression on them. Such gesture shows that you consider long-term relationship on top priority, rather than just working to increase the sale. In this way, you will not only strengthen the trust of the customers on you, but they will also show their interest in doing business with you.

Increase Customer Loyalty

The follow up calls will keep your customers engaged with you. The customer will eventually inspire from your behavior, and so, they try to be loyal and supportive for your brand. When you show so much concern, the happy and satisfied customers will start to prefer your brand over the others.

Boost The Sales

Follow up calls are among the most effective telemarketing secrets to boost the company sales. All the customers need attention and want to feel special. Therefore, when you keep in touch with your customers, they may sense the interest to establish a business relationship with you. The consumers may also recommend your product or service to their friends and family. This will indirectly help you to get active leads and thus accelerate the sale cycle.

Best Telemarketing Follow Up Strategies To Boost Your Sales

How to be a great telemarketer and the best seller for the company is the primary question of all the sales employees. Telemarketing requires experience and patience to deal the unknown customers and select the most appropriate one among the long list.

Just like cold calling, follow up calls is also a challenging task. In the first call, you just try to convince and explain the product features or tell about your proposals. However, the actual mission of a telemarketer begins with sales follow up process. This time you need to put all your efforts to convert the prospects into a permanent client.

Many companies hire outbound agencies for this too to get higher customer return rate in a short time. However, if you remember just the few Telemarketing follow up strategies, you will become expert by yourself.

Avoid Harassing The Prospects

Convincing someone and pestering or harassing anyone has a very slight difference in between. Thus, whenever you make a follow up call to your customer, your aim should be to convince him or her for business, instead of annoying your client by repeated queries. Make sure that you maintain a polite, persistent, and professional style while communicating with the client. Do not try to impose yourself as this may irritate the customers. If, for any reason, the client did not receive your phone, then wait for the prospect to respond to you first instead of making repeated phone calls. Remember, your goal is to be a good telemarketer, rather than being a pushy salesperson.

Make The Follow Up Commitment

Before ending the cold call, if you think that the customer is suitable for you, ask him/her for the follow up call. It is among the telemarketing strategies to ask the exact date and time from the customers to contact him/her again. You may also suggest your timings but make sure that the customer is also free at that time. It is the most powerful tactic to end the cold call while deciding the time for the next point of contact.

Remind Before Call

It is unethical to call anyone before informing. Though, you have already scheduled the follow up call timings. However, there are chances that the client forgets that or is busy in some emergency. Therefore, it is better to give a gentle reminder a day before the follow up call. You may just drop a text or send an email with mentioning the date and timings of the commitment. This will help you to know whether the customer will be free for the call or not.

Be Punctual

The follow up call is always scheduled after knowing the feasibility of you and your client. Therefore, you should try your best to be on time. Do not let the customer wait for you too long as this may consider a lack of dedication from you. Such punctuality indicates that you respect the prospect’s time and availability for you. It also reflects your professional behavior, and so the customer feels interested in listening to you.

Have A Personal Relationship

Though professionalism is essential, you can also go for having personal contact with the client. You can send text or emails showing interest in talking again after sales follow up process or thanking them for joining you. In this way, the customer feels him/herself closer to your company. You may have a long-lasting relationship by doing so. This also contributes to upgrading the sale.

Opening Statements – Remind Yourself

Avoid using traditional follow up call script template that most telemarketers use. Come up with a new idea that attracts the client. The classical statements like “I wanted to ask if you have made a decision” make the customer feels that you are interested in selling but not in building a relationship.

Therefore, try to make your communication more energetic with a different opening style. You can remind yourself first like your name, company’s brand name, few conversation lines from the last talk, and then finally come to the main agenda. This will remind the client about you, and he/she will then freely interact.

Increase The Customer’s Interest

Before the verbal talks, you can increase the curiosity of your customers via reminder emails. The emails with the links of your website will let the customer know about the background of your company and other services you offer. By this way, he/she may feel more interest in knowing more about you. Also, if the client has any confusion regarding your proposals in the website, then he/she can ask you in the follow up call. This is the indirect way of increasing the sale of the other products as well.

Be Polite During Conversation

Among the most significant telemarketing tips and tricks are to remain calm and polite in any situation. The customer may feel some hesitation before investing in your business. Therefore, he/she may ask several questions, even after a detailed cold call before, and irritate you by arguing on your rates. However, as a good telemarketer and sales representative, you should remain polite, answer the queries, and explain your point. You can also remind the client, in the follow up call, about the last conversation. Such professional and polite gesture may win the hearts of the customers.

Have A Healthy Discussion

Despite convincing the client for your business every time, you can talk about some other issues as well in the follow up call. You may discuss the current situation in the corporate sector, negative points in your opponent’s product or your company’s strategies to cope up with any problem. You may also get customer’s opinion about the upcoming services or products. Besides selling product and convincing for business, such a different follow up call will help you to develop a friendly relationship.

Keep Convincing In Every Follow Up Call

It is not like that you once have a cold call and then in the follow up all the matters will be solved, and the customer will agree to have a business dealing. Instead, it needs several follow up calls since one call is not enough. Employ stepwise consultation trick. At first, introduce yourself and your business. Then in the next call explain the features and get the feedback. To build the interest, you may also inform about the benefits, which the client receives if he avails the service. In this way, the customer also gets much time to think about your proposal. Remind the points you have discussed in the last call in very follow up.

Briefly, follow up calls to customers patiently, until you think they are fully agreed in doing business with you.

Know Much About The Customer

The best tip to have a successful follow up call to your client is to know much about him. If you already research about the other professional interests, it will help you in convincing him/her. Therefore, it is better to collect as much information about all your customers. This will save your time too as you can first contact with ones who are more appropriate. When you can judge the mindset of your client earlier, you can then treat him/her accordingly in the follow up call.

The Pro-Tip – Using Software For Follow Up Calls

The technology is always there to help us. Many software and applications are now available that effectively lowers the workload of even call center representatives. Here we suggest you the best telemarketing software, RosponseAI that not only calls your behalf but also saves your time and money.

RosponseAI is the finest addition ever that employs Artificial Intelligence to give the best possible services to the users. It can deal with all your leads and new customers without needing any human interference. This single software is enough to replace the whole call center department. It can answer all the queries and give quick responses to the customers.

By using RosponseAI, you can easily establish multiple business relationships within a short time due to accurate cold and follow up calls. The software automatically follows all the tips to be a successful telemarketer. Therefore, it is the suitable way to get the potential leads.


Follow up calls are the major part to have successful telemarketing and thus improves the business sales. This is the biggest challenge for the sales representative to convince the client to such an extent that he/she feels happy to establish a business relationship. That too, without infuriating the customer.

Thus, to employ Telemarketing follow up strategies to their best possible degree is the only thing a telemarketer requires to know. The follow up calls are the only way to show your concern towards your consumers and thus gain their trust to increase your sales.

Hopefully, the tips we have compiled here aid you to implement the follow up call strategy to get the best results.

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