Artificial Intelligence is being rapidly deployed in the call center industry to cope up the challenges of the time. The goal is to bring advancements and speediness in the overall client management amidst reducing the stress on human agents. Though for the moment, the pace with which this technology is impacting on call centers depicts the infancy of AI, we can indeed foresee the rapid influences of AI on overall procedures within the years to come.

Today, it is imperative for the businesses to adopt AI in their routine procedures to stay updated with the tech world. Although we are not that dependent on AI for now as we expect to be in future, we can still identify some of the prominent roles taken over by AI for client management.

Let’s take a look at the common AI uses-cases for businesses to consider in 2018.

AI Augmented Customer Services

Artificial Intelligence never intends to throw away humans from customer support entirely. However, it certainly aims to aid human customer service representatives in their daily activities.

Here are some real-time applications of AI in various routine tasks. For instance,

Replying To Customer Messages

AI-based chatbots have begun managing your load to respond to text messages. For example, LivePerson is on the verge of exploiting a unique human-AI hybrid model to respond to its customers. With this model, the customer won’t go frustrated to keep talking with a bot. On the other hand, it helps the human agent to manage multiple conversations at a time.

Responding to Emails

Another routine activity – attending emails – is now managed by bots at DigitalGenius. Based on their previous correspondences, they use their AI-based system to respond to several emails quickly and efficiently. This system helps the human agents to sort emails and gather the best responses from the previous records. This way, they can swiftly attend their emails.

Attending Client Phone Calls

The sector requiring AI intervention the most is addressing customer phone calls. It takes a lot of time for the agents to keep attending various phone calls without having the slightest hint about the nature of the incoming call. When one has to behave robotically while answering phone calls, why not leverage AI for it! Cogito, a startup firm, has developed a software that has contributed significantly to reducing callbacks and elevating client satisfaction by helping the customer center representatives.

What Will Be The Future Of AI In Call centers?

At this stage, it is a bit difficult to give firm predictions about the future of call centers with Artificial Intelligence. The use of AI in this sector has begun only recently. And there still lies plenty of room for improvisations in the impeccable and productive exploitation of AI for client management.

Nonetheless, a glimpse on the fast-paced advancements in this technology gives us a hint about the healthy future of AI in call centers. Presently, several tech giants have stepped into this hybrid model for managing their customers. So, we can anticipate how dramatically AI will take over the future of this industry!

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