Artificial Intelligence is the most hyped, yet the most controversial technology of today. Undoubtedly, the power of AI is undeniable. However, the way in which it is taking over our lives has created an ambiance of fear for us. Especially, one has to be skeptical towards its applications in the corporate sector, since it may directly affect the human employment. The rapid disruptions in the call center industry are a depiction of how artificial intelligence could compete with human brains in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence – Is It A Disruptive Technology?

Today, the way we lead our lives has entirely changed due to the plethora of disruptive technologies around us. Starting from the mobile applications to the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, everything apparently seems to be easing our lives. But, delving into their underlying mechanisms will reveal how these technologies have paralyzed our lives. We cannot even think of taking a single step without them. Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most robust of all these technologies since it now expands its radius to reach the corporate sector as well.

Today, we can see a trail of AI-based applications being dumped into the market. All of them claim to be uplifting the call center industry. Automated email messaging, chatbots and text messaging features are all facilitating our pace of work. However, every feature is kicking out humans one step at a time from the overall operational cycle of this industry.

Nonetheless, if we take an unbiased look at the things, we will see that the technology is not actually throwing us away from the industry. Instead, it is merely jazzing up the functionalities of call centers.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Various Benefits Call Centers

As said above, artificial intelligence is presently not as intelligent and harmful to humans as we believe it to be. If we look at the things, AI seems to be benefitting the corporate sector, call center being the foremost front of it. It mainly has endowed to benefits to this industry.

Firstly, it provides appropriate information to the customers at the right time due to the self-service features. Hence, the customer is not compelled to make calls to help centers repeatedly.

Secondly, AI facilitates the human agents at call centers in handling complex cases by providing them more information. At one point, the chatbots help the agents by dealing with routine queries, hence reducing their workload. On the other hand, the AI is being used by the call center agents to deal with broader aspects.

Artificial Intelligence is also playing its role in predicting customer behavior. It hence helps the agents to best deal with the client.

Nonetheless, all these benefits by AI are merely aiding the humans at call centers, and are not, by any means, intending to replace humans.

Wrapping It All

Whenever any technology is invented, its sole aim is to facilitate humans in their activities. The same applies to artificial intelligence as well. Although some people fear the satanic expansions of this technology, it has presently not reached the level where it could harm humans. It solely depends on us, how we accept AI in our lives. The way it is disrupting the call center operations should not look upon as something devastating. Rather the potential of AI to expedite the processes should be appreciated.

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