AI is fast emerging as a force to reckon with. But most of us think of it as a technology which is yet to enter our daily lives. However, the reality is opposite to this. In this article, we will look at how AI is slowly but surely becoming a part of our day to day life. Few common and easy to assimilate examples of AI from our daily lives are given below:-

Fighting Spam Email

One may think that what AI has got to do with email. One of the ways AI is helping make a difference is the use of spam filters. The old technique of using keywords to filter emails is fast becoming redundant because spammers can easily tailor their emails to work around this. The solution is AI which continuously learns using metadata from the emails themselves. And thus the spam filter always remains a step ahead. Users can further give in out through setting their preferences. Google algorithms using AI have managed to almost finish the menace of spam email.

Examination and Assessment

Many teachers and professors around the world are coming to rely more and more on AI based plagiarism checkers. Thus ensuring intellectual honesty. In addition to these various exam takers such as GRE and GMAT are using AI in essay grading. And surprisingly the results are closely matching with human checkers. There is a major role that AI can play in the coming future in education. Personalized and adaptive learning is just one such area.

Social Media

One major proponent for the advancement and use of AI in the social domain is Facebook. Does it use complex algorithms which enable it to recognize your friends’ faces and ask you for tagging or not? Facebook has dedicated huge resources to developing this capability. Facebook is also using AI to help in personalizing each user’s newsfeed. Not only this, it is also helping the company in coming up with targeted ad campaigns. Thus increasing revenue for Facebook.

Online Shopping and e-commerce

Companies like Amazon are using AI based tools to refine the product search. Users see examples and suggestions based on other buyer’s search patterns and purchases closely linked to their own search entry. It is quite evident that these algorithms make use of machine learning to continuously learn about the buyer’s preferences. Thus Amazon comes up with buyer’s recommendations by using AI based apps like RosponseAI and others.


These are just but a few examples of the use of AI. Few other notable mentions are banking and finance (cheque deposits using smartphone apps), personal assistants (such as Siri and Alexa), voice to text and Instagram. Many companies are making the most of this AI revolution by adopting and making use of great products available in the market Such as RosponseAI. The trend in AI usage in our daily lives will only increase in the coming future. Many pundits are even predicting it to rival the industrial revolution.


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