The powerful wave of Artificial Intelligence has entered our lives and is jolting up everything around us. From home living to the corporate world, everything is becoming ‘smarter’ to ease our lives. Within the corporate sector too, the use of AI is changing the way people work. And now, the AI-powered enterprise chatbot platforms have turned up a new leaf for this technology. These chatbots are greatly assisting the human customer service agents to in their day-to-day work. Although the technology is in its development stage, a few of the entrepreneurs have boldly stepped into this world to judge how it affects their work. Hence, giving rise to the dedicated enterprise chatbot platforms.

What Is Enterprise Chatbot Platform?

To understand the features, benefits, and the areas of application of enterprise chatbot platforms, we should first understand what it actually is.

A chatbot platform is a dedicated toolset that is meant to build and deploy the chatbots. These chatbots are build keeping in view the needs of the client enterprise since every organization has its own set of necessities and work protocols, for which they need chatbots. Once an enterprise establishes its chatbot strategy, it can hire a sophisticated chatbot builder to design a bot for it.

Hence, the enterprise chatbot platforms are the ones that create dedicated chatbots based on the strategies and requirements provided by the client firms.

Today, numerous AI chatbot builder platforms are present in the market, making the process of getting specific chatbots quicker, easier, and safer with minimum deployment time. Plus, you don’t need to have significant knowledge of coding for these bots.

Benefits Of Having Chatbots In Enterprise

Since the technology is not at its peak right now, people in the corporate world are a bit dubious about whether they should opt for enterprise chatbot architecture or not. However, those who have stepped into this niche, or are well-versed with the benefits of exploiting artificial intelligence for the enterprise, know that these chatbots will inevitably take their businesses to the next level.

Let’s dig out the common facts which an enterprise can get via a dedicated chatbot.

1. Quick Response With Chatbots Online 24×7

The most prominent benefit of adopting a specialized bot in the enterprise operations, particularly the customer support sector, is that you can have round the clock availability of your brand for your customers. These chatbots will be available throughout the day to address any query. Hence people from all parts of the world can approach you at any time. This creates a sense of trust to your clients for your business.

2. Continuous Staff Support And Work Management

These enterprise bots work collaterally with your staff. For your IT support members, the primary challenge is to handle every incoming support ticket from a large stream. It affects their productivity as they get engaged in sorting the tickets. Moreover, if they keep on responding to every ticket of low-level problems, their productivity would be affected even more.

However, with enterprise chatbots, the less complicated queries may get solved by the bots, hence dividing the load of the IT staff. These bots can even offer solutions to programmed problems so that the users might not need to go through the FAQ or wait for the support staff.

3. Enhanced Productivity With Minimal Support Expenses

The use of AI-powered chatbots helps you enhance the overall productivity of your enterprise. Whether it is about having easily accessible support, or about resolving IT related issues, these enterprise bots can improve the productivity markedly by managing the load, handling clients, and providing instant support. All-in-all, these bots help in reducing, or at times, eliminating the annoyance of both the customer as well as the enterprise.

Must-Haves For The Best Enterprise Chatbots

When you are on the verge of selecting a chatbot for an enterprise, you cannot just choose any chatbot builder. You not only have to share your vision, thoughts, ideas, and expectations with the enterprise chatbot platform, but also have to look up for several features that should necessarily be present in your bot.

Here we list 5 must-have traits to be available in your enterprise chatbot.

1. Learning About Your Enterprise

Just as it is essential for the employees to learn the nature of work and job responsibilities, the chatbots must also be capable of learning about your enterprise.

To make your bot learn, you can either program it manually, feeding possible queries and their appropriate answers. But, in this case, you will have to teach it extensively like a pre-primary student, or which you might need to designate a separate team of engineers to this work. This will be more frustrating for both you and your staff as it will create more burden.

Therefore, your enterprise chatbot platform should be the one that learns quickly through about your enterprise norms through various means, such as, via emails, CRM, databases, chat logs and other documents. The quicker your bot learns, easier and faster will be your work.

2. Comprehension Of Processes

According to what Forrester says, customers “love the speed & convenience of chatbot. But don’t want forced interactions until these chatbots are more human and smarter”. It means that your chatbot must have a thorough understanding of the enterprise works and the customers.

An effective enterprise chatbot is capable of understanding and executing complex tasks. Therefore, your selected enterprise chatbot builder must be able to produce smarter bots with advanced artificial intelligence and NLU abilities.

3. Ease Of Deployment

Now that you have reached the point where you are to deploy your chatbot, you should look for ways to deploy your chatbot in a safer, quicker, and a more scalable manner. For this, you need to consider several factors:

  • Whole Integrated Solutions – a robust chatbot enterprise platform will be the one that provides NLU service, a dialogue manager, and a behavior engine in the form of integrated solutions.
  • Overall Market Timeline – when you reach an enterprise chatbot platform, your goal is to get a business solution as quickly as possible. Therefore, look up for the overall time taken by the chatbot companies from building until the deployment of a well-built enterprise chatbot architecture.
  • Security of Data – A robust chatbot platform will be the offering you an on-premise chatbot for your enterprise. In this way, you will be having complete control over the chatbot and can efficiently manage related conversation within the enterprise environment. Hence, there will be no risk of a data
  • Channel for Deployment – The last to consider about deployment is the means by which it will be deployed. Commonly, we see chatbots Facebook deployment option to be mostly used by enterprises. These bots are particularly useful for simple customer support and marketing. However, for more critical or sensitive nature of work, Facebook bots may not be as supportive.

4. Training For Processes

The other essential criterion to select an enterprise chatbot platform is the ability of your bot to be trained in future. It is as important as the learning criterion since you have to modify your work continuously to satisfy your customers. And, for this, you need to train your chatbots too.

5. Cost Incurred

In the end, as for any other expenditure, price remains a critical thing while choosing chatbot builders. Your enterprise bot funding should suffice to cover all the subsequent charges besides the actual chatbot pricing. This includes considering the monthly subscription/license fees, pay-per-call costs, and pay-per-performance rates.


Impact of Enterprise Chatbot Solutions On Our Work In Future

Enterprise chatbot platforms are significantly modifying the way enterprises used to work. These platforms not only furnish enterprises with chatbots but also revolutionize their internal work processing.

Following are some of the ways through which these chatbot platforms are revolutionizing the work for future.

1. Automation of Internal Works

The main factor behind the work productivity is speed. The faster you enterprise performs a task, the quicker will be its growth with sufficient profit. With enterprise chatbot platforms, you can get dedicated bots specialized in speeding up certain activities. These may include various procedures, such as,

  • Automating It helpdesk activities
  • Automating intranet content authoring
  • Automating frequent administrative and office works

2. Intelligent Customer Support

The main purpose of AI-powered enterprise chatbot platforms is to make your customer support active and efficient. Hence, with a dedicate chatbot, you do not have to spend millions on individual call centers to handle your clients. Today, we have several chatbots examples like RosponseAI that can efficiently manage your customers with intelligence. These apps are smart enough to work without human intervention.

Moreover, these chatbots can be available round the clock. Therefore, you can attend the queries of all your customers reaching you at any time of the day. This will not only help you gain happy customers but will also increase your online reputation due to efficient support.

3. Smart Digital Assistants For Staff

To increase your productivity, you need to have an efficient staff. And, for this, you need something to manage the workload of your employees to keep them active and fresh. But, obviously, you cannot provide an assistant to each of your employee, since it will only elevate your expenses. But, you can now offer a robust support system, or somewhat a digital assistant to your employees in the form of a bot.

You can integrate various applications within the chatbot API that will save your employee’s time to juggle between multiple apps for various activities. You can even integrate these bots within your enterprise messaging platform such as Skype for Business or Slack. With the help of chatbots, employees will have all the data at their fingertips, without the need to browse through various windows.

4. Sales and Lead Generation

With a smart enterprise chatbot platform, you can get a bot that can manage your sales and help you generate live leads. These intelligent platforms, such as RosponseAI help you make promos, send various offers, handle your clients, and announce deals, all of which can produce much higher ROI.

These specialized chatbots can offer various products and services to the customers, and can even collaborate within the messaging app with the clients without them needing to leave.

5. Marketing and Promotion

Enterprise chatbots can significantly boost your marketing strategies as they can communicate and interact with the potential leads more successfully. As you can integrate them into various personalized apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, and Slack, you can stay in touch with your customers on the go. You can also collect information about your clients, by which you will be able to send them personalized offers.

6. Feedback Management

An important facet for any industry to thrive is the feedback from its employees as well as its customers. You should necessarily know what the people around you think about you, which areas of your enterprise need improvement and what are the core attractions of your business. Previously, you have to rely on forms and questionnaires, which usually annoyed the users as they require extensive filling up.

However, with enterprise chatbot platforms, you can get a dedicated chatbot that will help you gather feedback without infuriating anyone. These bots can create polls and can ask polite questions in a friendly tone which will charm your customers to answer, giving them a sense of importance.

Wrapping It All

Artificial intelligence, which was previously considered a luxury, is now a need of time. Particularly, for achieving success, it is crucial for the businesses and enterprises to adapt AI for improvising their work. Thus it is imperative for you to hire an AI-powered enterprise chatbot platform to help build and deploy such smart bots that ease your work. From client management to sales and promotion, to the administrative and office jobs where you need digital assistants, these bots can help you everywhere to boost your work performance. You just have to make sure that you select the right chatbot builder for you. The rest will be dealt by artificial intelligence!


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