Artificial Intelligence always bring sci-fi world to your mind and you think they are robots who have highly developed processors and they act like humans and work like them. Well, it is not like that. Well, at least not yet! In addition, it will take even more time for such robots to frequent call centers.

In call centers, when we talk about artificial intelligence or AI, it is what computer scientists call Soft AI. It is a software tool used to extract meaning from the data provided which is already being used. Here is how AI is used to manipulate data and extract useful information for us.

Big Data: In the fast moving, huge amount of varied Big Data, patterns are identified. you must ave heard it a lot that companies are recording your calls for improved services. this data that the companies gather is later used to formulate responses to customers queries later on.

Natural Language Processing: Computer is programmed to analyse language as spoken but written by human. NLP technologies have become advanced enough to comprehend unstructured data such as phone calls. Considering this, companies have access to a vast amount of information as they are recording the calls.

Machine Learning: Let computer to effectively program themselves by adapting to the changing data input and conditions. In addition, due to improved algorithms developed over a period, long sentences are being decoded by the automated system and the call is transferred to the operators.

Predictive Analytics

Speech analysis has also improved and the mood of callers can be detected whether the caller is angry or frustrated and the call is handled accordingly. These predictive models can provide understanding about how to deal with different types of calls in order to improve customer-company relationship and customer’s experience.

Hiring Through AI

Human Resourcing can be a pain in your neck, not to mention an expensive proposition all together. In order to hire patient and qualified staff for call centers can be a huge undertaking. It takes resources and time to hire competent employees for call centers and you need many people for this job.

AI is being used to assist in hiring process as well. A company, CornerstoneDemand has developed a solution for this tedious task. Applicants are passed through automated application process. In this process, applicants’ voice is recorded and gives them simulated calls to answer. Through data analytics, prediction is made about who should be selected for interviews and whom to reject. This saves not only your resources, but also hundreds of hours that you otherwise have to spend on lengthy process of hiring hundreds of people for call centers.

Having an efficient call center team and an AI system to back them up with its state of the art effectiveness is a winning combination for any company who wants a competitive edge in this highly competitive environment. For this, RosponseAI is the perfect solution that will give you that extra oomph that your call center needs. Building on the fundamentals of AI, it provides high-end solutions for call centers’ setups.

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