Rise of AI

AI is one of the most interesting phenomena taking place right now. And it’s impacting various fields in a way like never before. The case is no difference when it comes to ‘marketing Agencies’. Successful are those marketers which have grasped the potential that AI has to offer and already started taking measures to dovetail it into their businesses. Thus ensuring a steady lead over their competitors.

What AI Means for Marketing Agencies

Now let us take a closer look at how AI can help marketers bring success for themselves and also improve the customer experience. One of the most beneficial areas can be bridging the gap between big data and corresponding marketing strategies. AI can help marketers make sense of all the big data available out there and make good use of it in minimum possible time. Thus AI may enable them to come up with insights into their target audience and help develop a more focused and target oriented marketing campaign. Ways in which AI can help out are:-

  • Effective Search: AI can help marketers by helping in finding the required information more quickly and efficiently. Nowadays customers have tools like powerful search engines such as Google available to them for finding anything and everything online. However, Google is continuously changing its’ search algorithms to make the search more effective. Thus forcing marketers to keep their content up to date. But sometimes this seemingly simple enough task becomes difficult due to the pace involved. Using AI can help marketers stay a step ahead by recognising customer search patterns and adapting their content.


  • Effective Ads : AI can be used to make sense out the big data available to marketers. RosponseAI can sift through big data effectively and efficiently. By building effective social profiles etcetera, marketers can come up with smarter ads. These smarter ads can in turn benefit the marketing agencies immensely.


  • Improved Customer Service: Good customer service is vital in the marketing industry. Through AI marketers will already know the customers more intimately and their preferences. Thus customer service representatives can better tackle the customer care queries and in a much lesser timeframe. In few instances customer representatives may not be needed at all and AI can tackle the issue on its’ own.


  • Helping the Management: AI tools such as RosponseAI for managing the team operations are already there. The marketing agencies’ management teams can use these to help their teams in management operations. AI assistants and schedulers are just a couple of examples. Thus much time can be saved and efficiency increased by incorporating AI into the office management.


 Final Thoughts

Whether marketing agencies are ready or not for the advent of AI, one thing is crystal clear that AI marketing is here to stay. And by adopting apps like RosponseAI marketers can take full advantage of the AI revolution. In turn they can improve their marketing strategies/ campaigns to benefit their organizations as well as benefit their customers.

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