Conflicting Viewpoints

One of the leading proponents of warning about the danger of AI vis-à-vis job market is none other than Elon Musk, CEO of tesla and SpaceX. But there are few in the tech world who also seem to support the opposite view; that there is nothing to fear from the advent of AI. But numerous reports and surveys carried out recently don’t add credence to the second group. If the surveys show anything it is that the number of jobs have continuously gone down as technology advances. And most suggest that the trend is only likely to increase in pace with the rise of AI.

Fields Likely to be Impacted Earlier On

Analysts believe that there are certain fields which will be affected earlier on than others. Not only this few fields will experience this change more than the rest. People involved with AI believe that fields in which a person sequentially rises from the grassroots to the top will likely cease to exist. The change is likely to occur the next few decades. Consequently human must learn to be adaptive and learn to cope with the new reality. One possible way out can be to learn new skills and go for job transitioning. Apps like RosponseAI can make this much easier. Though this will require efforts at the user end as well as institutional measures at the government level. Failing this the government may have to dole out some serious cash as compensation for wages lost at the worker’s end. Some of the fields likely to be impacted first are:-

  • Lawyers: It’s not like the profession will be replaced altogether by AI; however a number of tasks such as legal discovery, making contracts and few other basic tasks can be performed much better and in much lesser time by computers using AI. Not to mention the cheaper cost of doing it. As such the prospects for junior lawyer seem bleak.


  • Journalists: AI has already started to make a dent in the journalism business. This has been achieved with the help of bots being used in investigative journalism. They can quickly analyze vast amounts of data online, detect patterns and bring to light important statistics. This being said it’s not all gloom and doom. The same bots can be integrated by the journalists into their work and by adapting to the changes can make them work for them instead of against them


  • Drivers: The most potent example of AI for the common man to see practically is the numerous self-driving cars on the road today. Companies like Uber and Google are racing to harness and perfect the tech earlier. Whichever company succeeds one thing is certain, that self-driving cars are here to stay. For now they are mostly being tested on highways, but who knows we may see them in busy downtowns soon with advancement in AI.


 The Way Forward

The key to minimizing the adverse effects on the job market by AI is to adapt as soon as possible to the coming change. Using programs like RosponseAI can go a long way in achieving this. The first step is to come out of denial and then foresee the likely changes to take place.

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