AI’s rise in the recent past has been nothing short of miraculous. Its’ meteoric ascent at the technological world stage has filled everyone with excitement and wonder for the technologies future prospects. It has already started making its mark in many fields such as driverless cars, social media bots, specific big data-driven fields and many others. Similarly, the field of call/ contact center is nothing different. Over here AI can be seen making inroads at a fast pace. Let us take a look at 5 principle reasons why AI-driven automated customer service is the way forward for call/ contact centers.

Pre-emption; the best policy

The automaton can do for the call center industry which humans cannot. It can be available round the clock for monitoring of customer data, biases, preferences, moods and activity trends. Thus using predictive analysis algorithms can help the industry predict possible customer service problems/ issues and thus help in their resolution beforehand. This can tremendously help build brand loyalty and also its brand reputation.

Training is only needed one time

Training like in any other business is a costly affair in the call center industry. First, there is the cost of hiring an employee and then the cost of training them. And all that expense can go for naught when that employee tends to suddenly leave the firm for a variety of reasons causing employee attrition at a constant rate. The story is very different in the case of automated/ virtual customer service such as RosponseAI. You can use machine learning to train them once as per your preferences and then that’s it. There is no further hassle and the cost effect as compared to the earlier option is almost negligible.

Customer Service that is always Responsive

With automation, you can totally forget about the time zones and job timings issues and problems. Automated/ virtual customer service is available round the clock and ready to work at any time. This resolves one of the most pressing issues of the call center business.

Speedy Solutions

By virtue of its’ inherent capabilities automated customer service is able to handle a multitude of customer service issue and at a breakneck speed. This all, in turn, enable the service provider to help build brand value and loyalty.


One of the many benefits that automated customer service brings with it is the level of personalization it can afford to each and every individual customer. The same has hitherto been impossible for human agents to provide. This, in turn, adds to the overall value that is being provided to the customer or client.

Summing Up

Considering the above mentioned five reasons it can be easily ascertained that automated customer service is far better than human agents. Apps like RosponseAI can easily help call center businesses achieve this. Only those who foresee this coming change in the way of doing business and adapt their organizations accordingly stand to benefit from the limitless opportunities that AI has to offer.

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