Auxiliary Work State

An auxiliary work state is a state other than actively handling calls  and one type among a few “unavailable” states or status’. While an agent is in an auxiliary state, the ACD will not route calls to them. This is the time in which an Agents (also referred to as Brand Specialist, Product Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Fronters, Qualifiers, Appointment Setters, Chasers, Closers and Telemarketers)  performs tasks other than taking calls, like preparing paperwork sending in tickets to management on the callers behalf, sending emails or texting.

This option to pre-set telephone distribution processes and direct all incoming calls away from the agents that are recognized to be in the auxiliary work state and redirect the call to the proper agents who are in an available time state/ Status. As an example, agents may go into an auxiliary work state to process paperwork or e-Mails.