After Call Work (ACW)

ACW encompasses data-entry, activity codes, call dispositions, form completion and post-call communication. The Product Specialist activity that directly follows a call, email, chat, social media or SMS inquiry. Work starts immediately following a call or transaction. The work must be completed before the agent can handle the next contact, then ACW is factored into average handle time. Work may involve keying activity codes, updating a database, filling out forms, or placing an associated outbound contact. 

ACW is the period of time immediately after contact with the customer is completed when any supplementary work is undertaken by the agent.  Also called “Wrap-up” and Post-Call Processing (PCP). Work that is necessitated by and immediately follows an inbound transaction. Often this includes the entering of data, filling out forms and making outbound calls necessary to complete the transaction. The agent is unavailable to receive another inbound call while in this mode.