Artificial Intelligence in The Retail Industry
Artificial Intelligence has been used in innovative ways in the retail industry to increase sales and understand customer behavior. Predicting future sales with the use of artificial intelligence has allowed retail establishments to take their marketing campaigns to new heights. Some of the ways that AI has proven useful in retail includes marketing segmentation and targeting, upsell and cross channel marketing, determining customer ROI and lifetime value, and more.
Using AI in Repricing
It can be challenging to determine what the ideal price is for a product is without the right data. Additionally analyzing customer buying patterns and responses to price fluctuations can quickly become a very time consuming endeavor. This is where artificial intelligence can play a major role in assisting retail establishments. Through the use of AI technology, retail giants, and smaller retail stores alike can have the data and insight they need to set ideal prices for their target customer base.
AI in Customer Segmentation
When a retail establishment wants to section off customers based on their buying habits and likelihood of buying certain products including larger ticket products over smaller ticket products, they turn to customer segmentation. AI is a tool that provides insight and data reading capabilities that enhances customer segmentation processes. This tool also translates to digital product sales as sold through email marketing. By segmenting the audience, the seller is better able to target products and services that most appeal to each of the various segments. AI technology makes customer segmenting a much more accurate and seamless process.
Determining Customer ROI & Lifetime Value
Another way that artificial intelligence is solving problems in the retail industry is by assisting with the determination of each customer’s lifetime value (LTV) as well as their ROI. If a business is marketing to a customer and they are not purchasing any of the products then this can assist the business in re-strategizing. AI technology considers the number of variables and parameters like purchase history and income to make predictive assessments that can prove beneficial to marketers in all industries. AI technology is assisting marketers in better understanding customer behavior as well as preferences so that they can better personalize their product offerings.
Enhancing Cross Selling With AI

Cross selling is a basic pillar of the retail world of marketing and AI technology has made this strategy even more effective. Cross selling using AI technology allows marketers the chance to create more effective sales campaigns while increasing their chances of making more sales in a given campaign. Cross selling describes the process of recommending similar products that a customer is likely to purchase. By using AI technology, businesses can make the best recommendations that will pique their customer’s interests and result in a successful sale.

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