Artificial Intelligence at Work in The Energy Industry
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already at work in the energy industry and is making drastic changes for the better. By exploring the way that artificial intelligence enhances the energy industry, one can consider its benefits for their own residential or commercial energy needs.

Energy companies produce an extensive amount of data on a regular basis but often lack the capability to glean insights from these datasets. This is one of the main ways that artificial intelligence is at work in the energy industry. With the help of AI, this data can be transmuted into more consumable facts that help with improving productivity while eliminating over expenditures in certain areas. Almost every type of energy company benefits from AI technology including renewable companies, oil and gas plants, and utilities.

Power Usage Analytics Using AI
Another key method in which artificial intelligence is assisting with the energy industry is through the use of power usage analytics. The ability of companies to examine extremely large datasets from a wide geographical area and determine the rate of energy use is increased with the help of AI. Artificial Intelligence technology can usually be integrated seamlessly into an existing framework in order to translate data and provide insights that would traditionally take an extensive amount of time.

By implementing AI technology, power and utility companies are better able to analyze the patterns of power usage and make adjustments in order to provide long-term cost savings. With energy forecasting, the technology uses predictive capabilities to analyze existing metrics and datasets in order to make recommendations for energy savings.

Smart Grid Management
With AI technology on the rise in the energy industry as it relates to utilities and fossil fuels, renewable energy also stands to benefit. AI can be utilized in order to increase the efficiency in smart electric grid hardware. It works to efficiently deliver energy and even has the ability to predict when equipment such as batteries within the smart grid can fail.
Optimizing Energy Storage

One of the challenges of using clean and renewable energy involves the need to replace it when it is not available. Traditionally, polluting energy sources were kept on hand to make up the difference, however, with the advent of artificial intelligence technology, this may no longer be necessary. This is due to the fact that artificial intelligence technology is able to assist with optimizing energy storage. It provides intuitive energy storage and management and reduces the supply when the demand is lower and increases it when the demand is higher.

By implementing artificial intelligence in energy management and storage products, it is possible to save on energy costs and improve the performance of wind and solar power sources.

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